The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Services In Your Area

The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Services In Your Area

Why Pure Airways Offers The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Services In Your Area

Owning a home is a big responsibility. You probably often find yourself having to perform regular maintenance duties or hiring someone to perform these duties. However, what most homeowners do not realize is, that when it comes to home maintenance often times the most crucial tasks are overlooked. You might be changing your heating and cooling filters and the regular, but when is the last time you looked through the dryer vent cleaning services to hire a dryer vent cleaner to inspect your dryer vent?

In fact, you might even be surprised to learn dryer maintenance requires much more than just cleaning your lint screen between each load of laundry. Every professional dryer vent cleaner will tell you that the real concern is a clean dryer vent pipe. Without a clean dryer vent pipe your dryer will just run longer than it should, costing you more money in wear and tear, along with electrical costs. It is also extremely dangerous and can lead to house fires, but with all the dryer vent cleaning services available, how do you know which ones are reliable?

Ten Point Diagnostic Inspections

Here at Pure Airways, when we send a dryer vent cleaner out to your home we don’t just make the assumption that your vents need to be cleaned. In fact, the first step of out process is to perform a ten-point inspection. We not only check for a clean dryer vent pipe, but we also check the lint trap, joint connections, termination points, service access, and much more. We pride ourselves on being the best and that starts with our techs. We make sure that our techs are well versed at more than just dryer vent cleaning.

Bringing Your Home Up To Code

As a homeowner, you might not know that codes are constantly changing. This means that when your dryer vent was originally installed it might have exceeded the code requirements. However, now that the codes have changed your vents might not be exactly up to code. The can affect you in the event that you decide to sell your home, and the inspector determines that your home is not up to code. When you choose our company to perform your dryer vent cleaning this is something that you will not have to worry about. While our techs are performing their dryer duct cleaning they will keep an eye out for vents that need to be rerouted or moved in order to meet today’s codes.

In some cases, there might be an extra charge for rerouting or extending a duct in order to bring it up to code, but our techs will consult with you on this before making the changes.

Use Of Specialized Tools

You have probably noticed that there are tons of brush kits available to homeowners that claim that they can provide you with a clean dryer duct. While these tools might work well they do not come with the expertise and knowledge that our dryer duct cleaning team possesses. Our techs possess the appropriate knowledge and know how to operate specialized tools that were specifically designed for dryer duct cleaning.

Making Repairs And Replacements Where Needed

Most of the time a clogged dryer vent is not always the problem. While the signs and symptoms of your dryer might be pointing to a clogged dryer vent it does not necessarily mean that is the problem. Our techs have the knowledge to properly assess the situation and pinpoint the problem. In fact, many times it might turn out that the vent needs to be replaced or repaired in certain areas. Our techs carry all the necessary tools and equipment on their vans to make the most common repairs and replacements. So, don’t automatically assume that you are dealing with a clogged dryer vent, because the problem might be something else entirely.

Random Drug Testing Throughout The Company

Drugs can affect how a person acts and reacts in certain situations. Being on the road while under the influence or working on something inside someone’s home while under the influence can be dangerous. It is not only dangerous to the homeowner and their home, but it is also dangerous for the tech himself. This is why our company is a firm believer in random drug testing. We test our techs when they are hired, when an accident occurs, and randomly each month.

Properly Insured To Protect Our Customers

You will probably find that just about every vent cleaning company is insured, but what they don’t tell you is that they are not insured to protect the customer. We highly value our customers and respect their home in the highest regards possible. This is why we use errors and omissions insurance. In the event that one of our techs makes a mistake inside your home that results in financial loss to you, our insurance will compensate your losses.

dryer vent cleaning

Skilled Technicians

When you hire our company to perform your cleaning dryer vent tasks, you will be provided superb services, because our technicians are skilled and experienced in clean dryer duct processes. All of our technicians have undergone extensive training courses, which include fire hazard safety and the proper technicians of cleaning dryer vent processes. Also, they must under an annual training course, with periodic meetings to stay on top of new technology and equipment that enters the market. You can rest assured that our clean dryer duct team to tackle your dirty dryer vent that the process will be completed in a timely and proficient manner.

Competitive Pricing

As one of the top companies in the city that provides clean dryer duct services, we offer competitive pricing to the community. It is crucial for consumers to feel that they are receiving the most out of their money. Our competitive prices are very reasonable for cleaning dry vent services. So, if you would like to inquire about these, please feel free to contact our office. We also highly recommend comparing our prices with other companies in the area, if it will make you feel more comfortable about hiring our company.

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How To Choose The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Services?

How To Choose The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Services?

Most people use washers and dryers at homes for doing the laundry with the basic idea of saving on time and also having the benefit of saving some money by not going a launderette. To further protect clothes and keep them in a good conditioner, you need to take care of your washers and dryers. More so the dryer because if the dryer begins to have issues which lead to shrunken and heat- damaged clothes you will not only be spending more on frequent repairs but on buying new clothes more frequently too. To prevent rising electricity bills due to a poor functioning dryer it is advisable to hire a good dryer vent cleaning service to take care of the problem. Here are a few things to consider while choosing the best dryer vent cleaning service in your neighborhood.


Good and efficient dryer vent cleaning services will respond immediately after you have made your query and they will display their efficiency in sending their technician over to sort out your dryer vent issues within the stipulated time they have mentioned while advertising their services.


Most good cleaning services employ the services of well trained and qualified professional who can identify any problem related to either badly damaged dryer vents or whether it involves the simple cleaning of a clogged dryer vent.

good dryer vent cleaning service

Thorough inspection

Dryer vent cleaning is only possible after a thorough inspection of the dryer and the dryer vent. A complete inspection of the vent and the connection to the dryer should be made after which the problem should be diagnosed. Apart from technical and mechanical issues, a good dryer vent cleaner would also check for carbon monoxide issues or any other such problems which may cause damage to the family members and the environment too.

Exhaustive cleaning

Now cleaning dryer vent comes which is where the actual problem lies. After a thorough cleaning, the pro should ensure a clean dryer vent pipe which is ready for use once again. Once the cleaning process is completed the pro need to reassemble the dryer vent properly and do a thorough clean up after that.

simple cleaning of a clogged dryer vent

Value for money services

Any good and professional dryer duct cleaning service should first give you an estimate for the job undertaken and only after the client gives approval he begins the service. This feature enables the customer also to know what the problem is and what would be the approximate cost of the service. the technician should also provide complete details of any part that needs to be replaced and also why it needs to be done along with mentioning its cost.

Negligence of timely cleaning of dryer vents and ducts is one of the biggest causes of house fires and this is a problem that needs immediate attention and calling in the professional to do a thorough inspection and a complete cleaning job is a great idea. Once you have chosen the best services keeping in mind the above guidelines you could even call them every year for scheduled maintenance and service.

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10 Quick Tips to Keep Your Dryer Vent Clean

10 Quick Tips to Keep Your Dryer Vent Clean

How Frequent Should The Dryer Be Cleaned?

Do you know that having a dirty dryer vent in your home might cause a fire? A dryer vent is a place where the lint builds up. Over a period, the lint will be the cause for the dryer to overheat and catches fire. Lint itself is prone to catching fire. That is why it is recommended to clean dryer duct at least once in a year. But it doesn’t mean you need to clean it only once. It might require more frequent dryer duct cleaning based on its usage. Hence, look for indications like clothes taking more time to get dry, or they become very hot than normal, or the room itself feels warm. If needed, take the help of a dryer vent cleaning services to clean the vent thoroughly.

You can clean the clogged dryer vent by yourself but sometimes, it is not adequate as the dirt build up will be more. Professional people will have the proper equipment and know the best method to clean dryer vent properly. But there are some tips that you can incorporate as part of your routine to avoid frequent dryer vent cleaning. Here are some quick tips which are easy to follow and quite useful.

10 Quick Tips

To use any equipment, a basic knowledge about it is essential so that it can be operated successfully for many years. The same holds true for a dryer. By gaining knowledge about its working and maintenance, it is easy to keep it in good working condition. Once you know about it, then you can follow these 10 tips for using it successfully.

clean dryer duct at least once in a year

Regular Checks

  • There is a lint trap in the dryer. After each use, make sure to clean this lint trap.
  • The dryer must always be inches away from the wall.
  • The flexible air duct hose is also one of the places where the lint gets accumulated. Hence, check for any lint in that hose in the back of the dryer and clean it frequently.
  • Do not forget to check the cap of the dryer’s vent. It is a place where lint get deposited easily. It might also have debris and sometimes, even bird’s nest.

Cleaning Process

  • Occasionally, cleaning dryer vent can be done with the help of a vacuum. You can use either a wet or a dry vacuum to do this task. If you do not have a vacuum, then you can use a coat hanger to clean the lint. The coat hanger can be straightened and a cloth can be attached to the hook to wipe the lint from the vent.
  • The dusting process must be done both from the inside and the outside so that the whole vent is clean.

clean the clogged dryer vent

Positioning Of The Vent

  • Make sure to make the dryer vent an independent one and do not link it with a chimney or other space.
  • The exhaust vent on the outside must be designed in such a way that it does not come back into the house.
  • The transition ducts between the dryer and the exhaust duct must be metal ones (Make sure not to use transition ducts inside walls or attics).
  • It is always better to use metal vent tubes in the place of flex foil tubes as flex foil tubes become too warm and can result in fire accidents.

The set-up and maintenance of the Dryer Vent are very important for the working of the dryer for many years. In addition to it, it also reduces the risk of fire accidents.

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Why Garage Door Opener Is Not Working

Why Garage Door Opener Is Not Working


Assume that you are getting ready to attend a wedding ceremony. You and your family members are well dressed. You make sure that you close the door of the house properly and proceed to the garage to start the car. You press the remote of the garage door and start the car. The car has started but you still wait for the garage door to open. You keep pressing the remote but the garage door doesn’t open. What will happen next? The entire day gets spoilt. Many would have come across such a situation. What is wrong with my garage door would be the question? It could be one of many reasons like a weaker battery or your entire system has become faulty.

It may be a simple repair that one could do it themselves or may be a complicated one which needs an assistance of the professionals.

Unplugged Garage Door

It may sometimes happen without our knowledge that the garage door is not being plugged into the working outlet. In such a case plug in the wire properly and try it again. There may also be a certain situation where the outlets or circuit gets fused. In such case, plug in some other electrical device into the circuit and try whether the circuit is working properly.

garage door repair

Old Batteries

For a garage door to be opened, one of the transmitters has to be mounted on the wall and the other has to be in the car. If you have a couple of remotes, then try to open the door using both the remotes. If one does not work and the other works, then it is probably time to change the batteries in the remote.

If both the remote seems not helping to open the door, then check by pressing the button on the transmitter mounted on the wall directly. If directly pressing the button opens the garage door, then the battery of the transmitter on the wall has to be changed.

Blocked Photo-eye

Photo-eye is a device that had been used in garage doors for the past 20 years. If the laser emitted by the photo eye is blocked or in other words, if it is not received by the other end of the door, then the door will not raise automatically.  Check whether the photo eye is blocked or damaged by any means. A recent rain or dust might have blocked it. So clean it with a neat tissue paper or a plain cloth and test opening or closing the garage again.

 Misaligned photo eye

If the photo eye is clean, then you have to check the alignment of the photo eye. The photo eye must point in the same direction and at the same angle. If they are not same, one would assume that the other does not exist and the door remains closed. It may also happen that the sensitivity of the photo eye is too low or too high which stops from closing the door properly. Hence try to adjust the sensitivity level properly.

garage door photo eyes

If these are not the conditions met, then it is better to call a company that provides good support or assistance.

How to correct?

If the garage door opener does not function well, then apart from the above specified simple steps, experts will try to do the following to get it repaired early.

  • The torsion spring might have been broken
  • The garage door opener might have got damaged or it might need a service.
  • Garage door cable might need a replacement.
  • The Garage door might have moved off the track.


Apart from rectifying the above problems, they will provide a general maintenance service to make sure that your garage door and garage door opener works in a good condition.

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Top 5 Benefits Of Attic Insulation

Top 5 Benefits Of Attic Insulation

Give importance to attic

Assume that you have constructed your house newly. Constructing a house newly is not an easy job. It needs proper planning. The planning should be such that the house is safe and provides proper comfort throughout the year. The house should neither be affected during the hot summer nor the snowy winter. I understand that you would have concentrated in each and every room of the house. Did you give importance to the attic? Most of the house that is being constructed has an attic but given least importance. It is just to dump all the unwanted things. What is the big deal in it might be your reasoning?

Is attic just to dump things?

That is not true. You might have constructed the house by taking care of many factors, planning your drawing room, bedroom etc. But, don’t have the assumption that it is enough to safeguard your house from the sun and the cold weather. The attic is the main place which has to be protected mainly because this is the top of the building and there is a possibility of the whole building getting affected because of the improper insulation. To understand that attic insulation is necessary, you must understand the benefits of attic insulation. Here are some of the benefits of attic insulation.

Attic Insulation

  1. Attic Insulation, maintains the temperature inside the house

The main Benefit of attic insulation is controlling the temperature. When it is too cool outside, it does not allow the chilliness to enter the house. At the same time, when you try to maintain the room temperature inside the house, it does not allow the warmth to escape the house. Similarly, during summer the reverse happens.

  1. Protect you from ice dam

If you live in a snowy area or during a snowy weather, the heat from the furnace escapes outside the house causing the snow to melt. If it is too snowy the melted water forms ice dam near the edge and gutter blocking the drainage. The result is that the water starts seeps into the attic or into the walls of the house. If the attic is insulated properly, you need not end up in this issue. The warmth cannot escape from the properly insulated attic and the snow cannot melt because of it. So, one can be safe from the ice dam.

  1. Keeps you away from molds

Molds are a mall organism that grows in a moisture and dark environment. Most of the attics are dumped and have less ventilation. In addition to this, when you have a leaky attic, the moisture may result in the mold growth.  When mold find its way into the house, it spreads easily and will start producing a stinky smell. Better to insulate properly rather than living in the mold affected place.

  1. Vast difference in your utility bill

Without knowing that the attic is not properly insulated, you might use the air conditioner and furnace excessively. Result is the increase in utility bill. Insulate the attic properly and you could see a vast difference in the bill yourself.

  1. Help the environment

Attic insulation not only helps you personally but also helps the environment. Wonder how? Insulating your house properly will decrease the use of electrical energy thereby helping others to use the energy and reduce the need for producing more energy.

attic insulation Helps the environment

Understood what are the benefits of attic insulation? Don’t you want your attic to be insulated? Why wait till the next summer or winter? Go for it now.

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Top 5 tips to maintain a clean carpet

Top 5 tips to maintain a clean carpet

Keeping your carpet soft, fluffy and stain free is everyone’s dream. Normally, people use dark colored carpets to ensure that the stains are not pronounced. It becomes difficult to keep it dust, pollutant free especially with repeated use. There are many ways by which you can keep the carpet clean.

Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming regularly is the key to keeping the carpet clean and tidy over the long haul. It is recommended that you vacuum the carpet twice a week.

Vacuum carpet

Hire a professional to clean once in a while

With repeated use, carpets may become stained and may lose sheen. Professional cleaners help restore the original texture of carpets. Hence, if your footfalls are lower and the stains are practically nil, you could use a professional cleaner once in two years.

Choose the cleaning products carefully

There is host of products available in home improvement stores. You need to choose one based on the foot falls and the kind of dirt your carpet is exposed to. Make sure that the chemicals are not too pungent and are kept away from children and pets. It may make sense to invest in a high-quality chemical which will be easy on your carpet, yet effective.

cleaning products

Clean up stains immediately

One of the key things about maintaining carpets is to ensure that you clean up the area of damage immediately. Use detergent or chemical solution to disinfect the place especially if it is poop, urine or food spill. These could be potentially hazardous to health. Bacteria and germs could build if unattended for a long time. Also, tending to them immediately ensures that the dirt or smell comes off quickly. You do not have to use too much effort in terms of scrubbing multiple times.

Use anti-stain products effectively

There is a host of tips available on the internet which suggests various solutions remove stains. For example, stench arising out of pet’s poop and urine can be effectively countered with a vinegar solution. For food spills, you could use soap or detergent solution. For other spills such as ink, color, talcum powder etc., you could use anti-septic solution. Research on the internet and bring some of these handy tips into practice.

Clean up stains

How does it help to keep the carpet clean?

Cleaning your carpet will enable you to give a proper look to the house. It could give the house a clean and tidy look. Apart from this, it could reduce the smell emitting due to grime/dirt settled on the carpet. Keeping the carpet clean will also ensure that there are lesser diseases and illnesses arising as a result of the dust and pollutants on the carpet. These could be a major source of various airborne diseases/illnesses.


Cleaning your carpet requires a little more than mere knowledge of carpet cleaning. It requires necessary machines and chemicals. Using handy tips for cleaning off stains could enhance the life of the carpet. There is a need to clean the carpet effectively to ensure that the carpet remains tidy and infection free. This could potentially reduce the diseases and illnesses arising out of pollutants and germs settled on the carpet

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Why Quick fire restoration is important?

Why Quick fire restoration is important?

Fire, fire burning bright:

When a fire takes place, there is hardly any time at all to think about what to do other than exit the place immediately and help evacuate the other inmates. There is no time to collect expensive china or even silks and souvenirs. Without any doubt, you will be burnt to death if you attempted to do anything as silly as that.

Fire and tide wait for no one:

The fire has the ability to spread so quickly that before you know it, it has spread to the entire house. Therefore it will afford no time other than enough to save the lives of the people and pets. Fire can engulf and raze down the entire place in less than five minutes.

The danger that fire poses to life:

The number of deaths involved in fires is steadily increasing year after year and property worth millions of dollars are getting razed to the ground. The irony is ‘home’ which is the considered to be safe haven can turn out to be a burning grave if necessary fire safety precautions are not taken.

The dangers that arise from a fire to life are:

  1. The toxic fumes can cut across the inhaler’s internal organs such as his lungs and cause asphyxiation and result in instant death;
  2. If smoke is continuously inhaled for more than five minutes, it can cause drowsiness and unconsciousness;
  3. The toxic fumes are carcinogenic;
  4. If fire lights up in the middle of the night, then the people may fall into deeper sleep ultimately passing out.

The danger that fire poses to property:

The destruction that fire can cause to property is enormous. The fire burns through the furnishings first and then it eats up all the wood in quick succession and eventually burns holes even in walls.

Why should you aim for quick restoration of fire?

  1. The faster the better: when you are restoring a fire ravaged home, it is always better to do it earlier than wait. This is because in the early stages you can take stock of the damage and try to get back to normalcy as early as possible.
  2. Sometimes, the fire-ravaged property if left alone can start smaller fires and still further damage the property. Therefore, it is very pertinent that complete inspection of the ravaged property is done.
  3. Property ravaged by fire becomes structurally weak. A thorough check is warranted by the agencies and only then the house be allowed to be reoccupied

The restoration work must be undertaken only by the professionals:

It is strongly recommended that the restoration of the fire-ravaged property to be undertaken only by professional services. They are trained to take care of such property.

  • Contamination has to be cleaned up:

Fire, where dangerous solvents are stored, can mean that the property is highly contaminated and nothing less than a professional service will do to clean up the place.

  • Air quality:

The air quality inside the property is suffocating with toxicity reaching the upper limits. A professional restorer will make sure the air quality in the home is improved by suggesting practical methods, for instance, breaking the walls, etc.

  • Safety:

The columns and beams could be affected and the building may have become unsafe for habitation. Professional service will bring in the right certifying agents to survey and assess the property to be safe for re-habitation.

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What are the Steps involved in fire damage restoration process

What are the Steps involved in fire damage restoration process

Why do fire restoration services need to be called in?

When your home is ravaged and razed to the ground by the flames, we recommend that you call in a restoration service as early as possible so that the damage so caused is assessed quickly and you and your home can be well back on your way to normalcy.

The collateral damages of a fire:

That your home has been burnt with all the valuables in it is the main damage that you have suffered. But sadly, it does not stop with that. Most of the fires warrant dousing them with waters from powerful jet pumps and extinguishers used by the firemen and that can cause more damage to the property and its furnishing.

Meanwhile, even after the fire has been brought under control, mini sparks and fires can continue to take place inside the premises due to the short circuit in the faulty electrical lines or half burnt electrical and electronic goods inside the house.

When you opt for fire restoration you get a package:

Going for a fire restoration service is highly recommended on the count that you do not have to coordinate between the various federal agencies to restore your property. Most of the restoration service companies offer you a complete package wherein they take the ravaged home from you in as of condition and deliver the completely restored property after coordinating with the insurance and the other structural efficacy assessment agencies. Most of the companies follow a set pattern but you may go through their service brochure in order to zero in on the best one for you.

The case for calling in the restoration people as early as possible:

Some people think that restoration agencies can be called in at leisure. But this lackadaisical attitude can mean going through additional loss after the initial loss due to fire.

Step #1 early entry into the property:

The restoration services if called in early can help in restoring the property as much as possible. For example, if the property is ravaged from the exterior but there are things inside like expensive heirloom or china that can be revived, early restoration can be a boon.

Step #2 assessing the amount of damage:

Assessment of the damage by the company will help them chalk a plan for restoring the property and also to give you a fair idea about the estimated cost of the repairs to the building.

Step #3 tapping the leaks

The restoration company is trained and qualified to identify the areas that need prioritizing and therefore the restoration will happen in the most practical of ways so as to not further damage the property.

Step #4 clearing up

This is the crux of the whole process. Here is a bulleted list of the services offered

  • Removal of water pools;
  • Cleaning of stains of smoke and soot on furniture and walls;
  • Drying up of the wet area;
  • Sanitizing the place so that the odor of smoke does not linger;
  • Removal and disposal of things that are burnt beyond any use.

Step#5 actual restorations through repair and refurbishmentF

Structure strengthening, relaying of carpets, new furniture and upholstery and painting of walls will be the next logical step to bring back the property to looking as good as new.

Step #6 preventing future fires

Preventing future fires is also in the scope of the restoration service and therefore they will counsel the inmates as well as make sure that the restored building is compliant with all the federal rules of fire safety.

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Is DIY of Sewer Backup Worth The Effort? – No, it’s not!

Is DIY of Sewer Backup Worth The Effort? – No, it’s not!

All of us, as house owners want to have a knowledge of how to fix common problems around our house. With time, we all become experts in handling household projects. But are all DIY projects safe for you and your home? No, it’s not! DIY for sewer backup is certainly a bad idea as it is neither basic not simple. While handling sewer lines, even simple problems become complex when handled by novices.

Where will DIY of sewer backup will go wrong?

There is an exhaustive list to discuss on where we would go wrong. Some of them are

  • Lack of experience.
  • Lack of proper plumbing equipment.
  • An improper fix would lead to greater damage.
  • Safety Hazards are more in DIY sewer backup.
  • Non-compliance of Rules.
  • Miscalculation of Cost.

Lack of Experience

Not everyone will have a proper knowledge or experience as an expert. This particularly holds true in the case of sewer backup repairs. Specific knowledge and experience on how to solve the issue are important in solving even the most minor repairs. As DIYers do not have the insight to minute details, like the soil conditions, they end up creating more damage.

Lack of Proper Plumbing Equipment

Even with proper knowledge, one won’t be able to solve the problem without proper equipment or materials in hand. Also, knowledge is required to choose appropriate equipment for the right kind of repair work at the right point of time. An expert knows how to do it right with the right equipment and at the right time.

sewer plumbing equipment

Greater Damage due to Improper Fix

When there is a lack of experience and lack of equipment, anything can go wrong with the DIY sewer backup project. When things go wrong, even the simplest issue would become a worse problem and could become more expensive. Incorrect fix in the front yard will become a sewer backup problem inside the house. Seeking the help of a professional plumber means that the fix would be done with expertise and insurance will be covered even in a case of accidental damage.

sewer backup problem

Safety Hazards

The most important of all is the safety involved in doing a DIY sewer backup fix. Possibilities of exposure to methane gas, salmonella, e.coli and other dangerous hazards during the repair process are more. If you do not know about a gas line passing through the place of work and accidentally hit it or damage a neighbor’s property unintentionally, it would lead to a lot of other problems. I hope health and safety are more important than a carrying out a DIY project.

Non-compliance of Rules

Sometimes, few codes are enforced and require a permit to carry on with the work. These permits are a difficult process and require you to apply in the sewer jurisdiction. An expert will have the required knowledge to proceed with the project after getting proper permissions.


If you think a DIY project will help you save more, then you are wrong. A skilled worker will know where it has gone wrong and hence, his estimation will be more accurate than yours. Also, doing a project correctly saves on cost rather than doing it wrong and spending more later.

Whatever the reason might be, I would like you to choose a professional insured plumber for handling the job more professionally and more correctly.


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How to Handle a Leaking Water Heater

How to Handle a Leaking Water Heater

Do you find a water heater leak to be a nuisance? It is true because if you don’t repair in a timely fashion, it is going to cost you a significant amount of money. A water heater is also an essential appliance for every home and a damage to it is certainly a serious problem. How do we handle the situations? Here’s how.

Leaking Water Heater

What to Do With Leaking Water Heater?

The lifetime of a water heater is 10-12 years if it took good care of. But water leak can happen anytime from the water heater. This is a common problem. Minor leakage can be repaired easily and even in a case of a major problem, taking the help of a professional help would solve the problem.

Look for Signs of Leak

Regular monitoring of the water heater is very important. It will help in finding out leaks, if any, or any other major problems for that matter. Here are some signs of a leaking water heater.

  • There is no hot water coming through the heater.
  • The stand of the water heater is moist? It is a sure sign of a leak.
  • The pool of water around the heater for no obvious reasons? It’s leaking.

A leaking water heater is dangerous. Do not try anything on your own or try to switch it off. Call a professional who will fix the issue for you.

Signs of Leak

Signs of Leak

Be Cautious and Proceed with Cutting the Power

A water heater is an appliance that is extremely hot and is dangerous due to two important factors – hot water and pressure. Hence, it is important to wear a thick, waterproof gloves, boots and apron to get protection from the device. The first step should be to cut off the electricity leading to the water heater. In a case of a gas water heater, cut off the gas supply.

Shut off Water supply to the Water Heater

Now that the power is switched off, you can proceed to look for the cold-water supply line leading to the water heater. There will be a valve on this line which can be closed shut to cut off the supply of water to the heater. Close the valve.

Drain the Water Heater

It is very important to drain the water heater before repairing it. Find a valve in the bottom of the heater. It is the drain valve. Attach a thick hose and run the hose to a drain. After this, gradually open the drain valve. If the flow of water is slow, do not worry. It is due to vacuum in the water heater. This can be released with the help of hot water faucet at the bathroom. When it is opened, air will enter the heater and the flow of water will be normal.

Time to call the Expert

It does not matter whether it is a simple fix or a complicated one, it is dangerous to handle a leaking water heater on your own. Contact a plumber before the damage on the heater worsens.

Catch the Problem Early

Most of the leak problems can be solved easily. But it is important to act at an earlier stage to prevent water damage. Call an expert today and make sure he makes the repair thoroughly to avoid recurrence!

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A Comprehensive Overview Of Water Damage Restoration And Mitigation

A Comprehensive Overview Of Water Damage Restoration And Mitigation

While water is beneficial in some specific situations, it can also wreak havoc on your home. A flood or water leak will result in extensive and enormously costly damages. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for reliable water restoration companies, you’ll be glad you’ve come to us. We offer comprehensive water damage restoration and will be able to rectify your problem within a jiffy. Below, you will be provided with insight into the water damage restoration process and the potential risks involved.

What Are The Risks Of Water Damage?

Before attempting to delve into the water damage repair process, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the potential risks associated with water damage. Each specific scenario will be different. Some homeowners will suffer from a leaky roof, others will have a leaky plumbing pipe, and some will be forced to clean up after a flood. The severity of the leak will determine how quickly the water becomes a problem. A flood will be more dramatic and the effects will be much more obvious.

Water Damage

With a leaky roof, the damage will increase over a duration of time. Unfortunately, water damage from pipes and a roof will be hidden and can compound when left untreated. Nonetheless, water can lead to the development of mold and mildew, while also weakening your home’s foundation. At the same time, you should realize that standing water can attract disease and it could potentially cause an electrical shock risk. Our company will be able to help. We’ll shut off your home’s electricity and get the problem fixed, so you and your family can return as soon as possible.

How Much Does Water Damage Remediation Cost?

All homeowners will be eager to learn about the cost of water damage remediation services. This is entirely reasonable and you will ultimately want to shop around until you’re able to find the most generous price possible. Also, it is important to remember that the overall cost of water restoration will vary depending on the specific circumstances at hand. The water restoration company that you select will greatly alter the price. At the same time, you should realize that the severity of the problem and the scope of the water remediation will both play a major role in determining the overall price.

Water Damage Remediation

When working with our water restoration company, you will be provided with the lowest price and the most satisfactory service. While our prices are affordable, you can rest assured knowing our water damage contractors are reliable, well-trained, and trustworthy. Therefore, you will receive an amazing water damage repair service and the cost will be more than generous!

How Long Does Water Restoration Services Take?

It should be noted that the homeowner will normally be required to remain outside of the home, during the course of the water damage remediation. This can be a major headache. Nobody likes staying with a family member or in a motel. Therefore, you will want to know precisely how long it will take for us to complete our water damage service. The truth of the matter is that the timeframe varies from client to client and will depend on the severity and scope of the damage. After you’ve consulted with our water damage contractors, they’ll be able to provide you with a more thorough and accurate estimation.

Water Restoration Services

Nonetheless, you should know that we believe in delivering our water damage services in the quickest and most thorough manner possible. We offer the most rapid and effective water damage restoration services. This ensures the client is able to return to their property quicker than they would with another water damage restoration company.

Can The Water Damage Restoration Service Save My Belongings?

When water seeps into your home, there is a big possibility that your items will get wet. If the problem is not treated immediately, these belongings could be destroyed. This is especially true when it comes to home appliances, electronics, and paperwork. With our water damage restoration service, there is a possibility that we’ll be able to save your items. Our water restoration company utilizes high-tech equipment to dry out the items and restore them to normal. If the items are salvageable, our water damage contractors will do their best to save them for you.

Although it depends on the situation at hand, we may be able to repair electronics, paperwork, precious metals, and other items that have been submerged in water. Remember that utilizing our water restoration services more rapidly will increase the likelihood that these items will be saved.

What Are The Dangers Of Mold?

If the water-damaged materials are allowed to stay in the home untouched for over 48 hours, mold growth will be a possibility. Scientific research shows that mold will begin to grow on building materials and clothing with 24 to 48 hours after the initial exposure. Many times, homeowners are unaware of a leaky roof or plumbing pipe until they discover the damage, which is way after the 48-hour time period, has expired. Mold is a fungus that causes respiratory illnesses and allergic reactions. It is highly recommended to not remove the moldy, water-damaged materials, but instead contact water restoration services.

Same Day Water Damage Service

We provide water damage service to the public and offer same-day in-home estimates. It is important to note that the mold, itself is not dangerous, but the toxins it releases. Long-short-term exposure to mold can cause upper respiratory tract symptoms. Individuals, who have been diagnosed with a respiratory disease, such as asthma or COPD, will be at a higher risk since their health is already compromised.

Our removal team wears protected gear throughout the process. The contaminated area is also sealed off from the rest of the home to keep the exposure level at a minimum for the family. If you have questions about this process, please feel free to contact our office.

What Can Our Water Damage Inspection Do?

Before paying for the water damage remediation, you should make sure your home is indeed suffering from water damage. This is where our inspection service will enter the picture. We can carefully inspect your property to identify problematic areas. If we discover a water leak, we can provide you with a strategy to fix the problem rapidly. If water damage is not found and there is no need to carry out our water damage service, we’ll let you know about it!

Water Damage Inspection

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Top 5 reasons for water damage in your home

Water Damage at your home causes a lot of inconveniences. It leads to the build-up of water in areas where it causes a lot of damages to the property. By knowing the important causes of water damage, you will be able to take necessary precautions before they start to leak or flood. Any damage that is looked up, in the beginning, will help prevent a big damage at a later stage. The sooner you find the problem the sooner you solve it by either working it out yourself or through a water damage restoration service.

The Top 5 Reasons

There are so many reasons for water damage happening at home. But the 5 most common reasons are

  • Pipes or Hoses that leak/burst.
  • Problems with the plumbing system.
  • Damage related to Weather and Natural Disasters.
  • Problems in Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Units.
  • Blocks in Drain.

Pipes or Hoses that Leak or Burst

Pipes and Hoses get damaged either due to blockage or due to gradual rusting process. Sometimes, undue pressure might also be the reason behind the bursting of the pipes. Regular checking of these pipes and replacing them once in every 5 years will save you from the big surprise.

Problems with Plumbing System

Sometimes, Hoses and pipes would not have been fully attached, leading to leakage from the joints. This might lead to leakage inside the walls, which is impossible to detect unless the leakage is seen outside. Periodic checks under the sinks and walls will help to find the problem well in advance.

Problems with Plumbing System

Damage related to Weather and Natural Disasters

During cold months, pipes could freeze and eventually burst. Insulating the plumbing line helps in preventing this problem. Fire sprinklers burst more frequently due to freezing if it is not maintained properly. A proper routine to check the sprinklers ensures that it does not get burst during the winter.

Problems in Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Units

Soggy insulations and Soaked ceilings are sometimes caused by the air conditioning units when the overflow pan is damaged or the condensate line is clogged. This is due to the lack of usage during the winter months and lack of maintenance. Regular Servicing and maintenance are required for such units.

Blocks in Drains

Be it a basement, kitchen or tub, drains are simple outlets that can complicate out the whole day if they start clogging. Constant DIY techniques are needed to keep this problem at bay.

Few Steps to Prevent these water damage occurrences

Weather patterns, lack of maintenance and infrastructure contribute to the frequency of water damage at home. Some steps to limit the amount of damage to your home are

  • In case your area has a lot of sewer blockage problems, install a back-flow valve for all the sewer connections.
  • It is essential to have a sump pump. Even if you have one, test it periodically to see if it is working.
  • Store your items a few inches above the basement floor.
  • Water flow should always be directed away from the foundation and must be clear from waste.


Remember that Prevention is better than cure. Treating a damage at an early stage helps in controlling the damage at the initial level!


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How to Find the Professional Water Damage Restoration Services?

How to Find the Professional Water Damage Restoration Services?

Did you just see a water damage in your property? The first thing that would tempt you is to restore it yourself. But wait. Just step back and see where the problem is and whether it is a minor damage or major one. Clogged water creates problems to your furniture, belongings and even to the whole structure of the house.

Possible Health Problems you will face during a water damage

Is the water damage from a contaminated source? Then, drop the idea of doing it yourself and call a water restoration services. Contaminated water requires some safety for protecting the health of the people doing the restoration. This would be handled well by a professional service.

Do you have Proper Equipment?

Handling a water damage requires the use of proper equipment. Some of the equipment required are vacuums, moisture meters, dehumidifiers, pumping systems, detergents, and disinfectants. I hope an expert can handle it more efficiently as they have access to all the above equipment.

water damage Proper Equipment

Experience Required

We all know that the quicker we remove the water from the floor the better because the damage they do to the property will be more if they stay on the floor for a longer time. Even if the clogged water is removed quickly and the repair is done, we need to make sure that there is no other damage. All this requires some amount of experience.

Finding a Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

Having realized the importance of not doing the damage restoration ourselves, it is important to look for a professional water damage restoration services. A water damage is a serious issue and it should be immediately addressed, isn’t it? Hire a company who have professionals highly trained in the water damage restoration process and do an end-to-end service in such a way that you feel a damage has never happened.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Benefits of hiring a Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

Restoration after a water damage is an exhausting job. In addition to it, if it did as DIY, then it becomes a slow process too. Hiring a professional service for Water Damage Restoration means

  • The restoration is done quickly and efficiently by a team of experts and further damage to your home is prevented.
  • Professional Services have the expertise and proper equipment to remove excess water, disinfect and dry the place to prevent the growth of fungus, mold and mildew.
  • Attention is given to even details like odor removal, deodorization, and sanitation.

Tips for finding the best Water Damage Restoration Services in Town

  • Look for a licensed company.
  • Ask the neighborhood about a company they are satisfied with.
  • Any Water damage restoration company should be able to take your call immediately and take necessary action. The response is the key.
  • Transparency in pricing should be there even before signing any document.
  • The company should have knowledge in handling the insurance claim process.

What They Do?

When a Professional Water Damage Restoration Services is called, make sure they do all these things as part of the restoration process. This way, you can be sure they are doing the right job.

  • Pick up your call during the emergency.
  • Inspect the site for assessing the damage.
  • Complete Water Removal.
  • Dry up the area and dehumidify.
  • Clean and Sanitize the whole area.
  • Restore the damaged area.

Does your house need a Water Damage Restoration Service? Find Water Damage Restoration Company Now!

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Difference Between Water Damage and Flood

Difference Between Water Damage and Flood

Water Damage and flood damage might sound synonymous but there is certainly a difference. By knowing the difference, it would be useful in protecting the property from damage. A Homeowners policy excludes water damage resulting from Flood damage, backed up sewer and water that seeps through the flooring from the foundation. In fact, in many places, separate flood policy is required as the general Homeowners policy do not cover flood damage. So, isn’t it important to know the exact difference?

Water Damage

A structural issue at home is the common cause of water damage. Say, for example, a water damage might be a result of a burst pipe, a damaged water main, a broken toilet or a defective home appliance like a washing machine.

Solutions for Water Damage

Precautions and Solutions for Water Damage

Once the source of the problem or damage is found, it can be rectified with the help of a professional. A professional water damage service will repair all the problems. In addition to it, they will help you with tips to reduce or eradicate such kind of problems in the future. If suitable precautions are followed, we will be able to save our home and the money in our wallet.

Flood Damage

A Natural Cause or a calamity will lead to Flood Damage. Heavy Rains, melted snow that gives rise to water at our home and local flooding are the most common causes of Flood damage. As flood damage arises from a natural calamity, it is not possible to stop it until nature’s rage comes to an end.

Flood Damage

Precautions and Solutions for Flood Damage

There are some preventive measures that can be done to ensure that our home is safe to some extent. Having sandbags, clearing off snow near the house and being alert to the flood warnings in the area are some precautions one could take to prevent higher extent of flood damage.

After the natural calamity is over, it is important to call a professional to do the repair and cleaning job for you. They are the people who are more efficient and knowledgeable in handling the work with ease.

Differentiating Flood Damage and Water Damage

Differentiating both is simple. If your home is the only one that is affected by water issues, then it is clearly a case f water damage. But if the whole neighborhood is experiencing the same, then it is Flood damage. As simple as that.

Flood Coverage and Water Damage

As discussed earlier, there are two different policies. While the Homeowners policy covers only the water damage due to a structural issue, a standard flood insurance policy covers damage caused by natural calamity. Flood means rising or overflowing of water into the normally dry land.

Flood coverage means any water breaking into your home like swimming pool collapses. Note that this kind of a situation is covered only by the Flood Insurance.

Eligibility for Flood Coverage

Just like the Homeowners policy, the flood coverage is available to everyone and is not specific to the place where you reside. Whether you live in a flood-prone area or not, it does not matter. There is nothing like “zoned” area for Flood coverage.


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Why should you clean your air ducts?

Why should you clean your air ducts?

Is it important to know about air ducts?

The answer is yes. You should know all about air ducts and the implications that it can have in your house and on your health if you do not clean and maintain it well. Knowledge about air ducts is vital to the quality of the air in your house. Air ducts are directly related to air pollution.

How are air ducts related to your health?

Air ducts can be directly related to your health. While there have been no statistics or studies that show that cleaning the duct can prevent health issues, it is also a fact that when the air ducts are dirty, it can be one of the sources of the dirty particles

air ducts related to your health

Where can the dirty particles come from?

From personal experience, I have seen dirty and dusty particles enter the house from various outdoor and indoor activities such as cooking, smoking, cleaning etc. The chances of contamination exist with these activities.

Why should you clean your air ducts?

While studies do not relate health with air ducts, it does not mean you can relax on the cleaning. There is a heavy dose of mold that grows on the hard surface of the air duct. The different components of the cooling and the heating system do not repel the growth of clutter and mold. Since these components are not accessible easily and visible by the naked eye, chances are you will not notice the increase in the air pollution until it is too late.

It is prudent to clean the air duct regularly to avoid such instances.

What about insulated air ducts?

Insulated air ducts should be kept an eye on. If the air duct is insulated, it is likely to get wet. This increases the chance of growth of mold and clutter. In such a scenario, it cannot be effectively cleaned. The best way to get rid of the mold is to remove and replace it.

insulated air ducts

What are the conditions that induce the growth of mold and clutters?

Mold and clutters love a nice warm place. They do not like the cold. They avoid bright sunlight. Mold grows best in secluded and dark places.

How do you recognize a clutter or a mold?

Anything that looks like a mold need not be one. Experts and lab reports will confirm if it is a mold. Ducts will be infected with vermin – insects and rodents. These are some of the most obvious places where clutter and mold are likely to grow and flourish in.

recognize a clutter or a mold

How to clear the air from mold and clutter?

Cleaning the air duct is one of the best ways to get rid of the mold. Another way is to open the windows. Letting the sunlight in will clear the air in many ways.

Importance of cleaning the air duct

Clutter can make u sick, tired and stressed out.

You are more likely to fall sick inside the house than out.

Clutter is a safety hazard. Tripping and slipping over it can injure your body in many ways.

Clutter can cause a fire to become worse.





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What is LET-LOK Fittings and How Does it Work?

What is LET-LOK Fittings and How Does it Work?

To guarantee leak-tight tube systems, it is essential to carefully select first-class tubing, such as those developed by the HAM-LET Group since the 1950s. To this day, the group’s LET-LOK® brand leads the industry with the most progressive, high-quality leak-tight tube fitting systems offered.

 Examining LET-LOK®

LET-LOK® encompasses a wide variety of leading-edge, industrial-standard systems used to grip and seal tubing. These tube and pipe fittings are designed in several materials to accommodate different types of industrial applications, particularly where high pressure and severe conditions exist.

Indeed, industry experts have invested and incredible amount of time and effort in the research, development and manufacture of these superior products over the last five decades creating products that are able to meet the rapidly growing demand for tube fittings that can withstand use in high-pressure, high-performance, and vacuum environments. These include fluid, petrochemical, nuclear, electronic, power and other key industrial settings.

How LET-LOK Works

LET-LOK® connectors are custom-made for ease-of-use and assembly. They simply require inserting the tube into the complete assembly until the tube bottoms out against the fitting body. Then, the two ferrules are driven forward between the nut and fitting body using the mechanical force created by revolving the nut clockwise. The back ferrule is driven against the tapered rear of the front ferrule and the front ferrule is driven by force into the tapered mouth of the body. The rear ferrule is swaged radially inwards on the tube while lifting the front ferrule out to form a full-faced seal on the tapered surface of the body. The 11/4 and 3/4 turn (depending on their size) of the nut from the hand-tight position, assures consistent drive of the sealing members. This all ensures the ultimate seal against ultra-high vacuum and high-pressure conditions.

 Safety Guaranteed

HAM-LET honors safety as essential providing clients with abundant information and tips to help them choose the correct product for their application to achieve ultimate, safe and secure results. For example, in gas applications, its recommend that tubing with greater wall thickness is selected for enhanced efficiency and safety. It is also extremely important to choose products suitable to specific application requirements and to implement proper product installation, operation and maintenance. Furthermore, to secure personal safety when choosing a connector users should consider application details, material compatibility, and product ratings.

Each LET-LOK® fitting has undergone— and passed — a variety of strict tolerance tests, including those for vacuum, high-pressure, impulse, vibration, and temperature. Furthermore, the fittings, which are manufactured to demanding standards using advanced computerized automation, are robust enough to withstand every high-pressure condition. Their leak-tight assembly is also guaranteed by their mechanical advantage and geometry.

All LET-LOK® fittings are supported by HAM-LET‘s pledge of maximum quality-control standards and use of skilled craftsman!

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Signs You Need To  Replace Your Garage Door

Signs You Need To Replace Your Garage Door

When you are ready to go to office or school at that time, if your garage door would not open it would create a big problem. You might be late or you might not able to attend a party. All these problems will not be there if your garage door is working properly. It will avoid all unnecessary tension for you. Your garage door will give out some signs that would help you to know the problem earlier and take some remedial measures like repairing the door so that you are not stuck in a tense situation.

Does your door need to be changed?

For some problems, it is not necessary to replace your door. Sometimes only a part of the door or a panel would be a problem. In that case, you can only change the panel or the particular part to solve the problem by professionals like Plano overhead door by Hme Garage Door Repair.

Damaged Garage Door Panel

 if only a panel of the door is dented or broken; it is enough if you just change the panel. If the dent is small, then can only take the dent.

Damaged Garage Door Panel

Garage Door not closing properly

This might be due to some obstruction. Check if any paper or other articles are obstructing the path. If you remove them the problem will be solved. It might also be some problem with cable, rail or the sensors. Check nothing is on the lens of sensor.

if you still cant find the problem call Plano Garage Door they always know how to fix problems like that.

Garage Door not closing properly

The Garage Door making too much noise

It might be due to the parts are not lubricated properly. First lubricate them. If the problem persists, check for any loose parts.

Hard to lift doors

If the garage door is hard to lift or is struck midway when you lift up or pull down, then mostly the spring is damaged and need to be changed by garage door repair plano TX.

These are some common problems, where you need not change the door. It is enough if you could only change the parts. Anyway, it is always better to get professional help like Plano Garage Door & Opener Repair Services to check and identify the problem than doing it on your own.

Some problems in garage doors cannot be repaired. You should only replace them.

  • Damage – if the damage to the door is not a small dent, but worn out due to many storms, or hit by a vehicle and broken, then you should only replace the garage door.
  • Worn out Garage door- if the door is very much worn out, then it is better to replace it by Garage Door Plano. When there are new models and designs with up to date security installations, then it is better to get a new one as a safety measure. Modern doors provide insulation from heat and cold outside.
  • New function in garage Door – if you are changing the garage for any other use, then it is better to change the garage door by garage door Plano tx and go for something fitting the room.
  • Persistent problems – if there are persistent problems even after you had changed the necessary part, and then you should replace the garage door.
  • Broken parts – some broken parts even if replaced might compromise the integrity of the door. Also, if the bottom part of the door is damaged then it is better to replace the whole door.
  • Damaged insulation – if your electric bill is up highly suddenly, then it might be because the garage door is not closing properly and causes the outside temperature to cause changes in the room temperature and overwork for the HV/AC unit. Also some insects and crawlers
  • Shaking doors- if the doors shake very much when you open or close it, then it might be time to replace the door as broken parts inside cause the door to shake.

Traditional Garage Doors

Can it be done on your own?

These tips will help you to decide if you need to repair or replace your garage door. But it is always better to get Plano Garage Door professional help. It is better if they could inspect your door and decide on what should be done. Like if it is better to repair or replace.


Though you can replace the door on your own, it is better to ask someone in the field to do it, as they would know the proper alignment of doors and how to fix them properly.

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Types of Garage Doors

Types of Garage Doors

Garage doors are one of the important factors which have a huge impact on the appearance of your home. The value of your home is also held based on how good your home appears. It is hence vital to choose carefully based on your usage and budget. If you have been strictly following the property blogs and property magazines, you would definitely be aware of the fact that your garage doors are one of the prominent factors on how much value your home has in real estate business. With garage doors taking up to 20 % of your frontal landscape, it is important to choose the best garage door that will serve the purpose.

garage door types

The types of garage door you choose should largely depend on your requirement. The four basic types of garage doors that are popularly being used are:

  • Swing up
  • Roll up
  • Swing out
  • Slide sideways

types of garage door

Up and over type garage doors

These types of garage doors are the most preferred and have been on use since about 0 long years now. These are also called canopy up and over doors since they look like a canopy when they are over. These doors are perfect for doors which are not above 8 feet. The door is typically lifted with steel cables and it could get really difficult if the doors are above 8 feet. These doors could be installed easily and quickly and could be operated with a remote.

Up and over type garage doors

Roll up shutter doors

This is a classic type of garage door which are used by warehouses and huge residences. It is completely motorized and open advantage is it does not swing out. It is one of the most ideal solutions of garage doors. It comes in many finishes but the fast moving ones are in steel with wood grained to give the classic look.

Roll up shutter garage doors

Garage Door Side Hinged

Side hinged doors are the most commonly used across various countries just because if the simplicity and easy to maintenance. These doors hinge inwards or outwards on a frame. It is better to have an outward hinge rather than the inwards ones. These doors could be used up to 10 feet. These doors are extremely comfortable. It is convenient to open one side of the door alone to allow your pet out or even get the bike inside. It works perfect alright with a remote control. The design of the door also allows us to customize giving more than two leaves in the gate. It could be used for allowing access to pedestrians as well.

Garage Door Side Hinged


Slide sideways doors

These doors are the convenient ones which completely slide to open and close. They do not take much of space unlike the hinged doors which take up some space while opening and closing. These are compact doors. These doors could be customized to suit the space in the entrance of your house. These doors are typically available in steel, wood and aluminum as well.

Slide sideways doors

How to choose

The type of door you choose largely depends on the space you have for the door and the utility. For instance, a hinged door will be perfect for garages which do not have heavy vehicles or a car. A slide sideways door will be perfect for the garages with heavy vehicles which keep passing by the door often. The size of the door is a major deciding factor on choosing the type of the door. It is required to do a bit of analysis and seek some professional help to get a better idea on which type of garage door will suit your home. The main factors which tend to decide are –

  • The budget
  • The material you are looking for like wood, steel or glass
  • The size of the door
  • The style you are looking for – traditional, carriage style or contemporary
  • The weather conditions in your city
  • How much of maintenance you will be able to afford



As you can see above, choosing the right garage door is completely up to your requirements and we believe points described above will give you a fair idea on choosing the right garage door.

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Garage doors – the types and styles you need to know!

Garage doors – the types and styles you need to know!

A lot of people who pass by your street get to see your garage door more that the exterior of our house. It is therefore important to invest in some good style and type which will also enhance the look of the exterior of our house. There was a time when garage doors were all similar and there were not many choices that one could make when it came to the doors. Recent years have seen a variety of garage doors all different in the make, construction and material and also designs that would just make it impossible for you to choose one among the many bests.

The designs are just too many after you know what style you prefer your garage door in. There are also the eco-friendly ones which are completely made from environmental friendly raw materials. There are three important styles when it comes to garage doors

  • Carriage house garage doors
  • Traditional garage doors
  • Contemporary garage doors

Traditional Garage Doors

If you have a home or building that is inclined more towards the traditional décor and you are one person who loves sticking to traditional designs in everything, then these doors are something you should look out for. These are the doors which have been in the use for around 50 years now. They do not come with detailed design and an enchanting look but look completely elegant and could match up to the class and richness of any house. These are the most sought after ones too as they look simple and also easy to maintain year after year, unlike the modern ones which need extra maintenance.

Traditional Garage Doors

Traditional Garage Door Materials

These traditional garage doors come in both wood finish and steel finish and a combination of both too. The wood garage doors also have choices like stain grade wood which are easy to clean and maintain and have good quality lasting for years. The panels styles could be chose from long, medium and short designs. There are choices in window panel designs as well.

Traditional Garage Door Materials

Contemporary Garage doors

Contemporary designs come in a variety of materials including steel, wood, aluminum, glass. The designs in this style are all trendy and match up to the modern and new-age homes. The designs are all minimalistic and come in clean lines which will be perfect for the homes which border on modern décor. Also the designs are perfect for homes which are quite contemporary as well. The aluminum and steel combination particularly works well for houses which are simple and artistic as well.

Contemporary Garage doors


Contemporary Garage Door Materials

The variety of materials used gives a plethora of choices to the customer and the designs just complement the material used. There is no doubt that these contemporary styled garage doors will elevate the look of the exterior of the house.

Contemporary Garage Door Materials

Carriage house garage doors

These doors are painstakingly constructed to resemble the old age carriage house doors. These doors come with overhead technology which is quite modern. It is a perfect combination of old age beauty with new age technology. These doors could typically slide, fold or even swing depending upon your choice. There are countless designs all offering different types of windows. These types of garage doors come in a variety of materials like faux wood composite, steel and even wood. The doors made of natural wood are quite popular in this variety.

Carriage house garage doors

Carriage House Materials

The materials of which these types of doors are made are all low maintenance. Faux wood has an appealing look and is completely easy to maintain as well. The insulation options vary and could be chosen from as well.


The garage doors you choose should entirely depend on certain condition like

  • Matching with the exterior of your house
  • The material that will best suit the weather conditions
  • How much you will be using your door.
  • Your budget


As you can see from the article above, types and styles of garage door entirely depends on your requirements.


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Why Repairing Garage Door Springs is Considered Risky DIY Projects

Why Repairing Garage Door Springs is Considered Risky DIY Projects

One of the vital parts of the garage doors are springs. These springs carry the garage doors weight and add into the torsion, making the garage doors open and close easily and smoothly when prompted. Since garage door spring is most of the time under pressure, this part is prone breakage. So when the springs of your garage door break, it would be best to call the services of an expert garage technician. Either garage door repair, spring replacement or any suitable service, professional technicians can address your needs.

spring replacement garage door

A reliable and professional company can carry repairs be it garage door openers, springs and more. Individuals are advised that only professionals should be entrusted with the job since repairing garage door springs is considered a risky DIY project.

Avoid Do it Yourself Repairs

DIY garage door spring repair is a dangerous and risky for individuals who lack proper training and experience. Individuals have to note that when major repairs are required, experience is vital for their proper replacements. Doing the garage door spring repair requires you to handle added weight all by yourself so this might be too much for you to handle. Your safety is important and lack of experience in this type of garage door repair might result to injuries. Also, it becomes difficult especially if you want to do balancing to get rid of rebounding.

Some Common Issues You Might Encounter When you Do DIY Garage Door Spring Repair Projects

Garage doors are heavy and complex system installed in the home. These doors are under very extreme tension. When individuals do some lifting when working with broken springs, you will find it hard to deal with since there are bolts in the door. For some garage doors, these comes with installed glasses like single mess and this sends door tumbling. This can also result to injuries to your hands and face.

single glass garage door

Many individuals who attempt to do spring repairs usually face another risky problem. For the garage doors to function properly, the right balancing should be done. Also, not many individuals know about proper balancing so again, it would be best to call an expert and let him do the balancing on garage door springs so that the doors will open and close perfectly well.

balancing on garage door springs

When you perform spring repairs, chances are you might execute a completely different repair which will not really hold the weight. The garage doors actually need to be fitted well with the spring of the same design, size and strength for them to function well. The inexperienced and unqualified homeowners who decide to perform spring repair might fail to do the work as intended. To avoid all these unpleasant scenarios and issues, avoid doing DIY garage door repairs.

DIY garage door repairs

It is true that simple jobs can be done all by yourself but when it comes to tightening loose bolts in the spring and other serious process of installation and repairs, you will need someone with experience. Contact a professional company specializing in garage door repair service and this can surely complete the job with guaranteed efficiency and professionalism.

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Wayne Dalton Garage Door Review

Wayne Dalton Garage Door Review

The Wayne Dalton Company was incepted in 1954 and since there has been no looking back and its growth has been tremendous. Wayne Dalton has become the preferred choice for the latest garage doors. Wayne Dalton is now a leader in the garage door industry.

Wayne Dalton review

Right Things positioned at The Right Place always earns appreciations. Likewise, a right garage door has a great impression on the curb appeal of your home. At Wayne Dalton you get to experience an unparalleled range of designs, colors and materials that you might not find anywhere else.

Wayne Dalton designs

The Wayne Dalton Garage Door collections come with various materials and design technologies and now let us take a quick review of them.

Wayne Dalton Garage Door collections

Wood Garage Door Collection:

Generally, garage doors constructed with high-quality real wood are naturally beautiful. Along with this, Wayne Dalton wood garage doors combine expertise and elegance in a way that nothing else can offer. They also offer the advantage of designing your wood garage door in a way that it gels with your home architecture and enhances the overall look of your house.

Wayne Dalton Wood Garage Door Collection

Under the Wood Garage Door Collections, the following collections are offered:

  1. 7400 series (8 designs available)


  1. 7100 series (5 designs available)


  1. 300 series (1 design with 4 materials available)


  1. 100 series (2 designs available)


  1. 40 series (1 design with 4 materials available)


Fiberglass Garage Doors  – Model 9800

Wayne Dalton’s Model 9800 garage door is built with an aesthetically cast wood-grain fiberglass surface that is covered with sturdy and durable steel. This fiberglass garage door takes you close to the warmth of nature.

Fiberglass Garage Doors - Model 9800

Carriage House Steel Garage Door Collection

Garage doors that are designed like a carriage house are traditionally charming. However, these are steel garage doors that are as mobile as normal garage doors. The USP of this collection is that Wayne Dalton enables you to customize your garage door in a way that perfectly suits your style.. You have three models to select from.

Carriage House Steel Garage Door Collection

  • Model 9700 (14 designs available)
  • Model 9405 (8 designs available)
  • Model 6600 (11 designs available)

Contemporary Aluminum Garage Door Collection 

These contemporary aluminum garage doors collections made of glass and aluminum totally gel with your home’s clean, modern look. They feature large full view glass panels that beautifully blend the indoor and outdoor areas. These Garage Doors makes your house look like a glass house besides being maintenance free. There are two models available – Model 8800 & 8850.

Contemporary Aluminum Garage Door Collection

Classic Steel Garage Door Collection

Classic steel garage doors are the age-old structure that offers traditional raised panel designs. They are known for the durability factor that they possess due to the strong framework. These classic steel garage doors are super-economical and are the best option for homeowners looking for garage doors within budget. You have an option to choose from 4 models.

  1. Model 9100 & 9600
  2. Model 8300 & 8500
  3. Model 8000, 8100 & 8200
  4. Model 8024-8124

Vinyl Garage Doors – Model 8700

Garage door model 8700 is made of vinyl and structured in such a way that it provides a maintenance free and elegant look that lasts for a lifetime. These vinyl garage doors stand free from pollutants and other external factors. It is economical, maintenance free and durable. If you are residing in a coastal region, prone to salt water erosion and need complete resistance from wind and sand, then the vinyl garage door model 8700 is that kind of a choice that will let you live trouble free.

What is the best time to Replace Garage Doors?

There might be situations where you have to repair garage door or even go in for a garage door replacement. It is vital to know when to do such repairs and replacements.
Since it is an outdoor work, the ideal time to replace garage doors is during warm, dry weather. However, if it is not a major work then the weather conditions doesn’t matter much. So when you opt for a garage door repair, choose a professional who would do that perfectly in a short span of time.




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Wondering If It Is Time To Replace Your Overhead Garage Door?

Wondering If It Is Time To Replace Your Overhead Garage Door?

A beautiful house requires adequate maintenance to preserve its beauty and integrity. But more often than not, we tend to overlook one of the first things people notice when they enter your home, the garage door!

aluminum glass garage door

The garage door is subjected to constant wear and tear as it is constantly being opened or closed. Therefore you must consider enlisting the services of a professional who will help you to determine if the present overhead garage door needs to be repaired or replaced.

Top reasons to replace your overhead garage door

Below is a list of commonly encountered problems that will indicate that it is time for overhead garage door repair or replacement.

Broken springs

Another reason your overhead garage door does not work is broken torsion springs. There are 2 heavy duty torsion springs that accompany any garage door.

If any of the spring is broken you must seek the services of overhead garage door repair personnel to get it fixed.

Broken garage door springs

Nonaligned garage door track

This is a serious issue that has to be tackled on priority as it is a safety hazard. The garage door track should be aligned correctly in order for the door to move up or down.

If you notice gaps between the rails and rollers, seek professional advice to determine if it is time for overhead door replacement.

Nonaligned garage door track

Garage door limits

If the garage door goes back up after closing down, then it indicates that the garage door limits has not been set properly. This will prevent the door from shutting down.

If the technician is not able to fix it even after adjusting the settings, then you will have to consider replacing your overhead garage door.

Garage door limits

Photo-eye is not working

Garage doors are usually equipped with photo eyes on either side of the garage entrance which send invisible beam between each other.

This helps it to detect if there is any object in its path when it closes. Over time dust gets accumulated in it and the light signal gets blocked.

Garage door Photo eye is not working

Dead batteries

If the transmitter batteries are dead, then the transmitter will be unable to send signals to the garage door to open or close.

Benefits of replacing your overhead garage door

If you are still in two minds about replacing your overhead garage doors, the points listed below will convince you that it is time for change.


Though your existing garage door is still operational, have you considered how safe it is? Replacing the overhead garage door with a newer model can minimize the risk of injury and secure your home against possible thefts.

secure your home against possible thefts

Save on energy bills

You can increase your savings by replacing your old garage door with an insulated door. This is because, old models of garage doors drive out heat or air conditioning, making you pay excess energy bills.

You can choose the one which suits you best from a wide variety of garage door with various levels of insulation.

energy bills


If your old garage door is worn out, it can dampen the overall look of your house. By installing a new overhead garage door, you can instantly get a makeover for your home.

The latest models of garage doors come in a variety of designs, colors and styles. This will help you create an appealing and modern looking entry way.

latest models garage doors

No keys

Old garage doors are not equipped with keypads. By installing new garage doors that has the keypad feature, you can bid goodbye to keys.

You simply need to input a code to open the door. The latest models use fingerprint detection so that you do not have to remember the code.

garage door app

Minimal noise

If you do not want to disturb your neighbors every time you open or close your garage, then you must consider installing new garage doors.

A screw drive or belt drive garage door opener will be much quieter than the old school chain drive models.

belt drive garage door opener


Having armed yourself with the required information, do consider replacing your old overhead garage doors with latest models.






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Top 10 Garage Door Openers For You

Top 10 Garage Door Openers For You

What are garage Door Openers ?

The garage door opener is an automated device that helps to open and close a garage door with just a touch of a button. Most house owners prefer to install garage door openers for its unique beneficial features such as safety, convenience and safety against theft.

garage Door Openers

Today’s world has become a world of comfort and we don’t have time to toil ourselves. Due to this very fact, a garage door opener has become a necessity rather than a comfort device.  After all, humans always love to be pampered, and that’s the reason for the invention of comfort devices.

There are a lot of companies that offer garage door openers and it is our responsibility to know the basic types of garage door openers before installing one.

Depending on what mechanism is used in the process, you can classify garage door openers as:

Chain drive garage door openers

These are the rather inexpensive types wherein a chain is coiled around a rail that raises or lowers the garage door.

Chain drive garage door openers

Belt driven garage door opener

Here instead of using a chain, a metal reinforced rubber belt is used to raise and lower garage doors.

Belt driven garage door opener

Direct drive garage door opener

This mechanism neither uses chains nor belts. Instead, the spring tensioned chain glides along a fixed motor that moves the chain, thereby facilitating the raising and lowering of garage doors. However these types are expensive when compared to chain drive and belt drive garage door openers.

Direct drive garage door opener

Things to be considered before choosing a garage door opener

  • Its Horse Power
  • Installation Place
  • Cost
  • Sound
  • Safety Features
  • Backup facilities and many more.

Here is a quick review about the top 10 Garage Door Openers

Product Model Dimension (inches) Weight


Warranty Rating out of 5
Chamberlain WD832KEV Ultra Quiet ½ HP Belt Drive 26.6x8x13.2 35 Belt & motor – Lifetime

Accessories – 1 year

Parts – 5 years



½ HP Chain Drive 26.8×6.6×10.1 25.6 Motor – 6 years

Accessories, Chain & parts – 1 year



½ HP MYQ enabled Chain Drive 26.8×8.1×13.4 37.4 Motor – 10 years

Parts -2 years

Accessories – 1 year

Genie 1022-C ½ HP DC Chain Lift 39x11x8 39 Motor – 6 years

Accessories, Chain & parts – 1 year

Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive 27.2×9.7×13.1 37.6 Belt & motor – Lifetime

Accessories – 1 year

Parts – 5 years

Sommer ¾ HP Direct Drive 42.6×10.2×7 39.9 Entire Unit – Lifetime 4.7
Genie 1022-TH ½ HP DC Chain lift 41×11.3×7.7 38.2 Motor – 5 Years

Parts – 1 Year



¾ HP Heavy Duty Premium Chain Drive 26.8×8.1×13.4 37.4 Motor – Life time

Accessories, Chain & parts – 1 year

Sommer 1042V001 ¾ HP Direct Drive 42x10x6.5 40.2 Entire Unit – Lifetime 4.6
Chamberlain PD752D ¾ HP Heavy Duty premium Chain Drive 27.1×9.7×13.3 40.4 Motor – Limited Life time

Other parts – Limited 1 Year


Garage Door opener – Repairs & replacements

As all other automated devices, these garage door openers are also prone to faults and would require repairing services once in a while. There are a lot of service providers who offer garage door repair services. Not only can we repair garage door but also if required and if warranty permits, garage door replacement can also be done.

Garage Door opener – Repairs & replacements

But before we go in for repairs and replacements, we ought to know some common reasons that make the garage door sick.  This will help us to analyze where the actual fault has occurred.

  • Transmitter batteries might be dead
  • Photo Eye is out of alignment
  • The pathway is not accurately aligned.
  • The Pathway of the door might be blocked.
  • Springs might have been broken in case of Direct Drive mechanism.
  • Doors might be locked manually
  • The entire unit might be disconnected

If any problem occurs with your garage door openers, it is important that it has to be fixed at the earliest and it is also important to keep yourself and your vehicle away from the garage until it is repaired to avoid possible damages.

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