10 Quick Tips to Keep Your Dryer Vent Clean

How Frequent Should The Dryer Be Cleaned?

Do you know that having a dirty dryer vent in your home might cause a fire? A dryer vent is a place where the lint builds up. Over a period, the lint will be the cause for the dryer to overheat and catches fire. Lint itself is prone to catching fire. That is why it is recommended to clean dryer duct at least once in a year. But it doesn’t mean you need to clean it only once. It might require more frequent dryer duct cleaning based on its usage. Hence, look for indications like clothes taking more time to get dry, or they become very hot than normal, or the room itself feels warm. If needed, take the help of a dryer vent cleaning services to clean the vent thoroughly.

You can clean the clogged dryer vent by yourself but sometimes, it is not adequate as the dirt build up will be more. Professional people will have the proper equipment and know the best method to clean dryer vent properly. But there are some tips that you can incorporate as part of your routine to avoid frequent dryer vent cleaning. Here are some quick tips which are easy to follow and quite useful.

10 Quick Tips

To use any equipment, a basic knowledge about it is essential so that it can be operated successfully for many years. The same holds true for a dryer. By gaining knowledge about its working and maintenance, it is easy to keep it in good working condition. Once you know about it, then you can follow these 10 tips for using it successfully.

clean dryer duct at least once in a year

Regular Checks

  • There is a lint trap in the dryer. After each use, make sure to clean this lint trap.
  • The dryer must always be inches away from the wall.
  • The flexible air duct hose is also one of the places where the lint gets accumulated. Hence, check for any lint in that hose in the back of the dryer and clean it frequently.
  • Do not forget to check the cap of the dryer’s vent. It is a place where lint get deposited easily. It might also have debris and sometimes, even bird’s nest.

Cleaning Process

  • Occasionally, cleaning dryer vent can be done with the help of a vacuum. You can use either a wet or a dry vacuum to do this task. If you do not have a vacuum, then you can use a coat hanger to clean the lint. The coat hanger can be straightened and a cloth can be attached to the hook to wipe the lint from the vent.
  • The dusting process must be done both from the inside and the outside so that the whole vent is clean.

clean the clogged dryer vent

Positioning Of The Vent

  • Make sure to make the dryer vent an independent one and do not link it with a chimney or other space.
  • The exhaust vent on the outside must be designed in such a way that it does not come back into the house.
  • The transition ducts between the dryer and the exhaust duct must be metal ones (Make sure not to use transition ducts inside walls or attics).
  • It is always better to use metal vent tubes in the place of flex foil tubes as flex foil tubes become too warm and can result in fire accidents.

The set-up and maintenance of the Dryer Vent are very important for the working of the dryer for many years. In addition to it, it also reduces the risk of fire accidents.

Author: Sheila Jimenez

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