How To Choose The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Services?

How To Choose The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Services?

Most people use washers and dryers at homes for doing the laundry with the basic idea of saving on time and also having the benefit of saving some money by not going a launderette. To further protect clothes and keep them in a good conditioner, you need to take care of your washers and dryers. More so the dryer because if the dryer begins to have issues which lead to shrunken and heat- damaged clothes you will not only be spending more on frequent repairs but on buying new clothes more frequently too. To prevent rising electricity bills due to a poor functioning dryer it is advisable to hire a good dryer vent cleaning service to take care of the problem. Here are a few things to consider while choosing the best dryer vent cleaning service in your neighborhood.


Good and efficient dryer vent cleaning services will respond immediately after you have made your query and they will display their efficiency in sending their technician over to sort out your dryer vent issues within the stipulated time they have mentioned while advertising their services.


Most good cleaning services employ the services of well trained and qualified professional who can identify any problem related to either badly damaged dryer vents or whether it involves the simple cleaning of a clogged dryer vent.

good dryer vent cleaning service

Thorough inspection

Dryer vent cleaning is only possible after a thorough inspection of the dryer and the dryer vent. A complete inspection of the vent and the connection to the dryer should be made after which the problem should be diagnosed. Apart from technical and mechanical issues, a good dryer vent cleaner would also check for carbon monoxide issues or any other such problems which may cause damage to the family members and the environment too.

Exhaustive cleaning

Now cleaning dryer vent comes which is where the actual problem lies. After a thorough cleaning, the pro should ensure a clean dryer vent pipe which is ready for use once again. Once the cleaning process is completed the pro need to reassemble the dryer vent properly and do a thorough clean up after that.

simple cleaning of a clogged dryer vent

Value for money services

Any good and professional dryer duct cleaning service should first give you an estimate for the job undertaken and only after the client gives approval he begins the service. This feature enables the customer also to know what the problem is and what would be the approximate cost of the service. the technician should also provide complete details of any part that needs to be replaced and also why it needs to be done along with mentioning its cost.

Negligence of timely cleaning of dryer vents and ducts is one of the biggest causes of house fires and this is a problem that needs immediate attention and calling in the professional to do a thorough inspection and a complete cleaning job is a great idea. Once you have chosen the best services keeping in mind the above guidelines you could even call them every year for scheduled maintenance and service.

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10 Quick Tips to Keep Your Dryer Vent Clean

10 Quick Tips to Keep Your Dryer Vent Clean

How Frequent Should The Dryer Be Cleaned?

Do you know that having a dirty dryer vent in your home might cause a fire? A dryer vent is a place where the lint builds up. Over a period, the lint will be the cause for the dryer to overheat and catches fire. Lint itself is prone to catching fire. That is why it is recommended to clean dryer duct at least once in a year. But it doesn’t mean you need to clean it only once. It might require more frequent dryer duct cleaning based on its usage. Hence, look for indications like clothes taking more time to get dry, or they become very hot than normal, or the room itself feels warm. If needed, take the help of a dryer vent cleaning services to clean the vent thoroughly.

You can clean the clogged dryer vent by yourself but sometimes, it is not adequate as the dirt build up will be more. Professional people will have the proper equipment and know the best method to clean dryer vent properly. But there are some tips that you can incorporate as part of your routine to avoid frequent dryer vent cleaning. Here are some quick tips which are easy to follow and quite useful.

10 Quick Tips

To use any equipment, a basic knowledge about it is essential so that it can be operated successfully for many years. The same holds true for a dryer. By gaining knowledge about its working and maintenance, it is easy to keep it in good working condition. Once you know about it, then you can follow these 10 tips for using it successfully.

clean dryer duct at least once in a year

Regular Checks

  • There is a lint trap in the dryer. After each use, make sure to clean this lint trap.
  • The dryer must always be inches away from the wall.
  • The flexible air duct hose is also one of the places where the lint gets accumulated. Hence, check for any lint in that hose in the back of the dryer and clean it frequently.
  • Do not forget to check the cap of the dryer’s vent. It is a place where lint get deposited easily. It might also have debris and sometimes, even bird’s nest.

Cleaning Process

  • Occasionally, cleaning dryer vent can be done with the help of a vacuum. You can use either a wet or a dry vacuum to do this task. If you do not have a vacuum, then you can use a coat hanger to clean the lint. The coat hanger can be straightened and a cloth can be attached to the hook to wipe the lint from the vent.
  • The dusting process must be done both from the inside and the outside so that the whole vent is clean.

clean the clogged dryer vent

Positioning Of The Vent

  • Make sure to make the dryer vent an independent one and do not link it with a chimney or other space.
  • The exhaust vent on the outside must be designed in such a way that it does not come back into the house.
  • The transition ducts between the dryer and the exhaust duct must be metal ones (Make sure not to use transition ducts inside walls or attics).
  • It is always better to use metal vent tubes in the place of flex foil tubes as flex foil tubes become too warm and can result in fire accidents.

The set-up and maintenance of the Dryer Vent are very important for the working of the dryer for many years. In addition to it, it also reduces the risk of fire accidents.

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Why Garage Door Opener Is Not Working

Why Garage Door Opener Is Not Working


Assume that you are getting ready to attend a wedding ceremony. You and your family members are well dressed. You make sure that you close the door of the house properly and proceed to the garage to start the car. You press the remote of the garage door and start the car. The car has started but you still wait for the garage door to open. You keep pressing the remote but the garage door doesn’t open. What will happen next? The entire day gets spoilt. Many would have come across such a situation. What is wrong with my garage door would be the question? It could be one of many reasons like a weaker battery or your entire system has become faulty.

It may be a simple repair that one could do it themselves or may be a complicated one which needs an assistance of the professionals.

Unplugged Garage Door

It may sometimes happen without our knowledge that the garage door is not being plugged into the working outlet. In such a case plug in the wire properly and try it again. There may also be a certain situation where the outlets or circuit gets fused. In such case, plug in some other electrical device into the circuit and try whether the circuit is working properly.

garage door repair

Old Batteries

For a garage door to be opened, one of the transmitters has to be mounted on the wall and the other has to be in the car. If you have a couple of remotes, then try to open the door using both the remotes. If one does not work and the other works, then it is probably time to change the batteries in the remote.

If both the remote seems not helping to open the door, then check by pressing the button on the transmitter mounted on the wall directly. If directly pressing the button opens the garage door, then the battery of the transmitter on the wall has to be changed.

Blocked Photo-eye

Photo-eye is a device that had been used in garage doors for the past 20 years. If the laser emitted by the photo eye is blocked or in other words, if it is not received by the other end of the door, then the door will not raise automatically.  Check whether the photo eye is blocked or damaged by any means. A recent rain or dust might have blocked it. So clean it with a neat tissue paper or a plain cloth and test opening or closing the garage again.

 Misaligned photo eye

If the photo eye is clean, then you have to check the alignment of the photo eye. The photo eye must point in the same direction and at the same angle. If they are not same, one would assume that the other does not exist and the door remains closed. It may also happen that the sensitivity of the photo eye is too low or too high which stops from closing the door properly. Hence try to adjust the sensitivity level properly.

garage door photo eyes

If these are not the conditions met, then it is better to call a company that provides good support or assistance.

How to correct?

If the garage door opener does not function well, then apart from the above specified simple steps, experts will try to do the following to get it repaired early.

  • The torsion spring might have been broken
  • The garage door opener might have got damaged or it might need a service.
  • Garage door cable might need a replacement.
  • The Garage door might have moved off the track.


Apart from rectifying the above problems, they will provide a general maintenance service to make sure that your garage door and garage door opener works in a good condition.

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