Top 5 tips to maintain a clean carpet

Top 5 tips to maintain a clean carpet

Keeping your carpet soft, fluffy and stain free is everyone’s dream. Normally, people use dark colored carpets to ensure that the stains are not pronounced. It becomes difficult to keep it dust, pollutant free especially with repeated use. There are many ways by which you can keep the carpet clean.

Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming regularly is the key to keeping the carpet clean and tidy over the long haul. It is recommended that you vacuum the carpet twice a week.

Vacuum carpet

Hire a professional to clean once in a while

With repeated use, carpets may become stained and may lose sheen. Professional cleaners help restore the original texture of carpets. Hence, if your footfalls are lower and the stains are practically nil, you could use a professional cleaner once in two years.

Choose the cleaning products carefully

There is host of products available in home improvement stores. You need to choose one based on the foot falls and the kind of dirt your carpet is exposed to. Make sure that the chemicals are not too pungent and are kept away from children and pets. It may make sense to invest in a high-quality chemical which will be easy on your carpet, yet effective.

cleaning products

Clean up stains immediately

One of the key things about maintaining carpets is to ensure that you clean up the area of damage immediately. Use detergent or chemical solution to disinfect the place especially if it is poop, urine or food spill. These could be potentially hazardous to health. Bacteria and germs could build if unattended for a long time. Also, tending to them immediately ensures that the dirt or smell comes off quickly. You do not have to use too much effort in terms of scrubbing multiple times.

Use anti-stain products effectively

There is a host of tips available on the internet which suggests various solutions remove stains. For example, stench arising out of pet’s poop and urine can be effectively countered with a vinegar solution. For food spills, you could use soap or detergent solution. For other spills such as ink, color, talcum powder etc., you could use anti-septic solution. Research on the internet and bring some of these handy tips into practice.

Clean up stains

How does it help to keep the carpet clean?

Cleaning your carpet will enable you to give a proper look to the house. It could give the house a clean and tidy look. Apart from this, it could reduce the smell emitting due to grime/dirt settled on the carpet. Keeping the carpet clean will also ensure that there are lesser diseases and illnesses arising as a result of the dust and pollutants on the carpet. These could be a major source of various airborne diseases/illnesses.


Cleaning your carpet requires a little more than mere knowledge of carpet cleaning. It requires necessary machines and chemicals. Using handy tips for cleaning off stains could enhance the life of the carpet. There is a need to clean the carpet effectively to ensure that the carpet remains tidy and infection free. This could potentially reduce the diseases and illnesses arising out of pollutants and germs settled on the carpet

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Why Quick fire restoration is important?

Why Quick fire restoration is important?

Fire, fire burning bright:

When a fire takes place, there is hardly any time at all to think about what to do other than exit the place immediately and help evacuate the other inmates. There is no time to collect expensive china or even silks and souvenirs. Without any doubt, you will be burnt to death if you attempted to do anything as silly as that.

Fire and tide wait for no one:

The fire has the ability to spread so quickly that before you know it, it has spread to the entire house. Therefore it will afford no time other than enough to save the lives of the people and pets. Fire can engulf and raze down the entire place in less than five minutes.

The danger that fire poses to life:

The number of deaths involved in fires is steadily increasing year after year and property worth millions of dollars are getting razed to the ground. The irony is ‘home’ which is the considered to be safe haven can turn out to be a burning grave if necessary fire safety precautions are not taken.

The dangers that arise from a fire to life are:

  1. The toxic fumes can cut across the inhaler’s internal organs such as his lungs and cause asphyxiation and result in instant death;
  2. If smoke is continuously inhaled for more than five minutes, it can cause drowsiness and unconsciousness;
  3. The toxic fumes are carcinogenic;
  4. If fire lights up in the middle of the night, then the people may fall into deeper sleep ultimately passing out.

The danger that fire poses to property:

The destruction that fire can cause to property is enormous. The fire burns through the furnishings first and then it eats up all the wood in quick succession and eventually burns holes even in walls.

Why should you aim for quick restoration of fire?

  1. The faster the better: when you are restoring a fire ravaged home, it is always better to do it earlier than wait. This is because in the early stages you can take stock of the damage and try to get back to normalcy as early as possible.
  2. Sometimes, the fire-ravaged property if left alone can start smaller fires and still further damage the property. Therefore, it is very pertinent that complete inspection of the ravaged property is done.
  3. Property ravaged by fire becomes structurally weak. A thorough check is warranted by the agencies and only then the house be allowed to be reoccupied

The restoration work must be undertaken only by the professionals:

It is strongly recommended that the restoration of the fire-ravaged property to be undertaken only by professional services. They are trained to take care of such property.

  • Contamination has to be cleaned up:

Fire, where dangerous solvents are stored, can mean that the property is highly contaminated and nothing less than a professional service will do to clean up the place.

  • Air quality:

The air quality inside the property is suffocating with toxicity reaching the upper limits. A professional restorer will make sure the air quality in the home is improved by suggesting practical methods, for instance, breaking the walls, etc.

  • Safety:

The columns and beams could be affected and the building may have become unsafe for habitation. Professional service will bring in the right certifying agents to survey and assess the property to be safe for re-habitation.

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What are the Steps involved in fire damage restoration process

What are the Steps involved in fire damage restoration process

Why do fire restoration services need to be called in?

When your home is ravaged and razed to the ground by the flames, we recommend that you call in a restoration service as early as possible so that the damage so caused is assessed quickly and you and your home can be well back on your way to normalcy.

The collateral damages of a fire:

That your home has been burnt with all the valuables in it is the main damage that you have suffered. But sadly, it does not stop with that. Most of the fires warrant dousing them with waters from powerful jet pumps and extinguishers used by the firemen and that can cause more damage to the property and its furnishing.

Meanwhile, even after the fire has been brought under control, mini sparks and fires can continue to take place inside the premises due to the short circuit in the faulty electrical lines or half burnt electrical and electronic goods inside the house.

When you opt for fire restoration you get a package:

Going for a fire restoration service is highly recommended on the count that you do not have to coordinate between the various federal agencies to restore your property. Most of the restoration service companies offer you a complete package wherein they take the ravaged home from you in as of condition and deliver the completely restored property after coordinating with the insurance and the other structural efficacy assessment agencies. Most of the companies follow a set pattern but you may go through their service brochure in order to zero in on the best one for you.

The case for calling in the restoration people as early as possible:

Some people think that restoration agencies can be called in at leisure. But this lackadaisical attitude can mean going through additional loss after the initial loss due to fire.

Step #1 early entry into the property:

The restoration services if called in early can help in restoring the property as much as possible. For example, if the property is ravaged from the exterior but there are things inside like expensive heirloom or china that can be revived, early restoration can be a boon.

Step #2 assessing the amount of damage:

Assessment of the damage by the company will help them chalk a plan for restoring the property and also to give you a fair idea about the estimated cost of the repairs to the building.

Step #3 tapping the leaks

The restoration company is trained and qualified to identify the areas that need prioritizing and therefore the restoration will happen in the most practical of ways so as to not further damage the property.

Step #4 clearing up

This is the crux of the whole process. Here is a bulleted list of the services offered

  • Removal of water pools;
  • Cleaning of stains of smoke and soot on furniture and walls;
  • Drying up of the wet area;
  • Sanitizing the place so that the odor of smoke does not linger;
  • Removal and disposal of things that are burnt beyond any use.

Step#5 actual restorations through repair and refurbishmentF

Structure strengthening, relaying of carpets, new furniture and upholstery and painting of walls will be the next logical step to bring back the property to looking as good as new.

Step #6 preventing future fires

Preventing future fires is also in the scope of the restoration service and therefore they will counsel the inmates as well as make sure that the restored building is compliant with all the federal rules of fire safety.

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Is DIY of Sewer Backup Worth The Effort? – No, it’s not!

Is DIY of Sewer Backup Worth The Effort? – No, it’s not!

All of us, as house owners want to have a knowledge of how to fix common problems around our house. With time, we all become experts in handling household projects. But are all DIY projects safe for you and your home? No, it’s not! DIY for sewer backup is certainly a bad idea as it is neither basic not simple. While handling sewer lines, even simple problems become complex when handled by novices.

Where will DIY of sewer backup will go wrong?

There is an exhaustive list to discuss on where we would go wrong. Some of them are

  • Lack of experience.
  • Lack of proper plumbing equipment.
  • An improper fix would lead to greater damage.
  • Safety Hazards are more in DIY sewer backup.
  • Non-compliance of Rules.
  • Miscalculation of Cost.

Lack of Experience

Not everyone will have a proper knowledge or experience as an expert. This particularly holds true in the case of sewer backup repairs. Specific knowledge and experience on how to solve the issue are important in solving even the most minor repairs. As DIYers do not have the insight to minute details, like the soil conditions, they end up creating more damage.

Lack of Proper Plumbing Equipment

Even with proper knowledge, one won’t be able to solve the problem without proper equipment or materials in hand. Also, knowledge is required to choose appropriate equipment for the right kind of repair work at the right point of time. An expert knows how to do it right with the right equipment and at the right time.

sewer plumbing equipment

Greater Damage due to Improper Fix

When there is a lack of experience and lack of equipment, anything can go wrong with the DIY sewer backup project. When things go wrong, even the simplest issue would become a worse problem and could become more expensive. Incorrect fix in the front yard will become a sewer backup problem inside the house. Seeking the help of a professional plumber means that the fix would be done with expertise and insurance will be covered even in a case of accidental damage.

sewer backup problem

Safety Hazards

The most important of all is the safety involved in doing a DIY sewer backup fix. Possibilities of exposure to methane gas, salmonella, e.coli and other dangerous hazards during the repair process are more. If you do not know about a gas line passing through the place of work and accidentally hit it or damage a neighbor’s property unintentionally, it would lead to a lot of other problems. I hope health and safety are more important than a carrying out a DIY project.

Non-compliance of Rules

Sometimes, few codes are enforced and require a permit to carry on with the work. These permits are a difficult process and require you to apply in the sewer jurisdiction. An expert will have the required knowledge to proceed with the project after getting proper permissions.


If you think a DIY project will help you save more, then you are wrong. A skilled worker will know where it has gone wrong and hence, his estimation will be more accurate than yours. Also, doing a project correctly saves on cost rather than doing it wrong and spending more later.

Whatever the reason might be, I would like you to choose a professional insured plumber for handling the job more professionally and more correctly.


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How to Handle a Leaking Water Heater

How to Handle a Leaking Water Heater

Do you find a water heater leak to be a nuisance? It is true because if you don’t repair in a timely fashion, it is going to cost you a significant amount of money. A water heater is also an essential appliance for every home and a damage to it is certainly a serious problem. How do we handle the situations? Here’s how.

Leaking Water Heater

What to Do With Leaking Water Heater?

The lifetime of a water heater is 10-12 years if it took good care of. But water leak can happen anytime from the water heater. This is a common problem. Minor leakage can be repaired easily and even in a case of a major problem, taking the help of a professional help would solve the problem.

Look for Signs of Leak

Regular monitoring of the water heater is very important. It will help in finding out leaks, if any, or any other major problems for that matter. Here are some signs of a leaking water heater.

  • There is no hot water coming through the heater.
  • The stand of the water heater is moist? It is a sure sign of a leak.
  • The pool of water around the heater for no obvious reasons? It’s leaking.

A leaking water heater is dangerous. Do not try anything on your own or try to switch it off. Call a professional who will fix the issue for you.

Signs of Leak

Signs of Leak

Be Cautious and Proceed with Cutting the Power

A water heater is an appliance that is extremely hot and is dangerous due to two important factors – hot water and pressure. Hence, it is important to wear a thick, waterproof gloves, boots and apron to get protection from the device. The first step should be to cut off the electricity leading to the water heater. In a case of a gas water heater, cut off the gas supply.

Shut off Water supply to the Water Heater

Now that the power is switched off, you can proceed to look for the cold-water supply line leading to the water heater. There will be a valve on this line which can be closed shut to cut off the supply of water to the heater. Close the valve.

Drain the Water Heater

It is very important to drain the water heater before repairing it. Find a valve in the bottom of the heater. It is the drain valve. Attach a thick hose and run the hose to a drain. After this, gradually open the drain valve. If the flow of water is slow, do not worry. It is due to vacuum in the water heater. This can be released with the help of hot water faucet at the bathroom. When it is opened, air will enter the heater and the flow of water will be normal.

Time to call the Expert

It does not matter whether it is a simple fix or a complicated one, it is dangerous to handle a leaking water heater on your own. Contact a plumber before the damage on the heater worsens.

Catch the Problem Early

Most of the leak problems can be solved easily. But it is important to act at an earlier stage to prevent water damage. Call an expert today and make sure he makes the repair thoroughly to avoid recurrence!

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