Why Garage Door Opener Is Not Working

Why Garage Door Opener Is Not Working


Assume that you are getting ready to attend a wedding ceremony. You and your family members are well dressed. You make sure that you close the door of the house properly and proceed to the garage to start the car. You press the remote of the garage door and start the car. The car has started but you still wait for the garage door to open. You keep pressing the remote but the garage door doesn’t open. What will happen next? The entire day gets spoilt. Many would have come across such a situation. What is wrong with my garage door would be the question? It could be one of many reasons like a weaker battery or your entire system has become faulty.

It may be a simple repair that one could do it themselves or may be a complicated one which needs an assistance of the professionals.

Unplugged Garage Door

It may sometimes happen without our knowledge that the garage door is not being plugged into the working outlet. In such a case plug in the wire properly and try it again. There may also be a certain situation where the outlets or circuit gets fused. In such case, plug in some other electrical device into the circuit and try whether the circuit is working properly.

garage door repair

Old Batteries

For a garage door to be opened, one of the transmitters has to be mounted on the wall and the other has to be in the car. If you have a couple of remotes, then try to open the door using both the remotes. If one does not work and the other works, then it is probably time to change the batteries in the remote.

If both the remote seems not helping to open the door, then check by pressing the button on the transmitter mounted on the wall directly. If directly pressing the button opens the garage door, then the battery of the transmitter on the wall has to be changed.

Blocked Photo-eye

Photo-eye is a device that had been used in garage doors for the past 20 years. If the laser emitted by the photo eye is blocked or in other words, if it is not received by the other end of the door, then the door will not raise automatically.  Check whether the photo eye is blocked or damaged by any means. A recent rain or dust might have blocked it. So clean it with a neat tissue paper or a plain cloth and test opening or closing the garage again.

 Misaligned photo eye

If the photo eye is clean, then you have to check the alignment of the photo eye. The photo eye must point in the same direction and at the same angle. If they are not same, one would assume that the other does not exist and the door remains closed. It may also happen that the sensitivity of the photo eye is too low or too high which stops from closing the door properly. Hence try to adjust the sensitivity level properly.

garage door photo eyes

If these are not the conditions met, then it is better to call a company that provides good support or assistance.

How to correct?

If the garage door opener does not function well, then apart from the above specified simple steps, experts will try to do the following to get it repaired early.

  • The torsion spring might have been broken
  • The garage door opener might have got damaged or it might need a service.
  • Garage door cable might need a replacement.
  • The Garage door might have moved off the track.


Apart from rectifying the above problems, they will provide a general maintenance service to make sure that your garage door and garage door opener works in a good condition.

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Signs You Need To  Replace Your Garage Door

Signs You Need To Replace Your Garage Door

When you are ready to go to office or school at that time, if your garage door would not open it would create a big problem. You might be late or you might not able to attend a party. All these problems will not be there if your garage door is working properly. It will avoid all unnecessary tension for you. Your garage door will give out some signs that would help you to know the problem earlier and take some remedial measures like repairing the door so that you are not stuck in a tense situation.

Does your door need to be changed?

For some problems, it is not necessary to replace your door. Sometimes only a part of the door or a panel would be a problem. In that case, you can only change the panel or the particular part to solve the problem by professionals like Plano overhead door by Hme Garage Door Repair.

Damaged Garage Door Panel

 if only a panel of the door is dented or broken; it is enough if you just change the panel. If the dent is small, then can only take the dent.

Damaged Garage Door Panel

Garage Door not closing properly

This might be due to some obstruction. Check if any paper or other articles are obstructing the path. If you remove them the problem will be solved. It might also be some problem with cable, rail or the sensors. Check nothing is on the lens of sensor.

if you still cant find the problem call Plano Garage Door they always know how to fix problems like that.

Garage Door not closing properly

The Garage Door making too much noise

It might be due to the parts are not lubricated properly. First lubricate them. If the problem persists, check for any loose parts.

Hard to lift doors

If the garage door is hard to lift or is struck midway when you lift up or pull down, then mostly the spring is damaged and need to be changed by garage door repair plano TX.

These are some common problems, where you need not change the door. It is enough if you could only change the parts. Anyway, it is always better to get professional help like Plano Garage Door & Opener Repair Services to check and identify the problem than doing it on your own.

Some problems in garage doors cannot be repaired. You should only replace them.

  • Damage – if the damage to the door is not a small dent, but worn out due to many storms, or hit by a vehicle and broken, then you should only replace the garage door.
  • Worn out Garage door- if the door is very much worn out, then it is better to replace it by Garage Door Plano. When there are new models and designs with up to date security installations, then it is better to get a new one as a safety measure. Modern doors provide insulation from heat and cold outside.
  • New function in garage Door – if you are changing the garage for any other use, then it is better to change the garage door by garage door Plano tx and go for something fitting the room.
  • Persistent problems – if there are persistent problems even after you had changed the necessary part, and then you should replace the garage door.
  • Broken parts – some broken parts even if replaced might compromise the integrity of the door. Also, if the bottom part of the door is damaged then it is better to replace the whole door.
  • Damaged insulation – if your electric bill is up highly suddenly, then it might be because the garage door is not closing properly and causes the outside temperature to cause changes in the room temperature and overwork for the HV/AC unit. Also some insects and crawlers
  • Shaking doors- if the doors shake very much when you open or close it, then it might be time to replace the door as broken parts inside cause the door to shake.

Traditional Garage Doors

Can it be done on your own?

These tips will help you to decide if you need to repair or replace your garage door. But it is always better to get Plano Garage Door professional help. It is better if they could inspect your door and decide on what should be done. Like if it is better to repair or replace.


Though you can replace the door on your own, it is better to ask someone in the field to do it, as they would know the proper alignment of doors and how to fix them properly.

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Types of Garage Doors

Types of Garage Doors

Garage doors are one of the important factors which have a huge impact on the appearance of your home. The value of your home is also held based on how good your home appears. It is hence vital to choose carefully based on your usage and budget. If you have been strictly following the property blogs and property magazines, you would definitely be aware of the fact that your garage doors are one of the prominent factors on how much value your home has in real estate business. With garage doors taking up to 20 % of your frontal landscape, it is important to choose the best garage door that will serve the purpose.

garage door types

The types of garage door you choose should largely depend on your requirement. The four basic types of garage doors that are popularly being used are:

  • Swing up
  • Roll up
  • Swing out
  • Slide sideways

types of garage door

Up and over type garage doors

These types of garage doors are the most preferred and have been on use since about 0 long years now. These are also called canopy up and over doors since they look like a canopy when they are over. These doors are perfect for doors which are not above 8 feet. The door is typically lifted with steel cables and it could get really difficult if the doors are above 8 feet. These doors could be installed easily and quickly and could be operated with a remote.

Up and over type garage doors

Roll up shutter doors

This is a classic type of garage door which are used by warehouses and huge residences. It is completely motorized and open advantage is it does not swing out. It is one of the most ideal solutions of garage doors. It comes in many finishes but the fast moving ones are in steel with wood grained to give the classic look.

Roll up shutter garage doors

Garage Door Side Hinged

Side hinged doors are the most commonly used across various countries just because if the simplicity and easy to maintenance. These doors hinge inwards or outwards on a frame. It is better to have an outward hinge rather than the inwards ones. These doors could be used up to 10 feet. These doors are extremely comfortable. It is convenient to open one side of the door alone to allow your pet out or even get the bike inside. It works perfect alright with a remote control. The design of the door also allows us to customize giving more than two leaves in the gate. It could be used for allowing access to pedestrians as well.

Garage Door Side Hinged


Slide sideways doors

These doors are the convenient ones which completely slide to open and close. They do not take much of space unlike the hinged doors which take up some space while opening and closing. These are compact doors. These doors could be customized to suit the space in the entrance of your house. These doors are typically available in steel, wood and aluminum as well.

Slide sideways doors

How to choose

The type of door you choose largely depends on the space you have for the door and the utility. For instance, a hinged door will be perfect for garages which do not have heavy vehicles or a car. A slide sideways door will be perfect for the garages with heavy vehicles which keep passing by the door often. The size of the door is a major deciding factor on choosing the type of the door. It is required to do a bit of analysis and seek some professional help to get a better idea on which type of garage door will suit your home. The main factors which tend to decide are –

  • The budget
  • The material you are looking for like wood, steel or glass
  • The size of the door
  • The style you are looking for – traditional, carriage style or contemporary
  • The weather conditions in your city
  • How much of maintenance you will be able to afford



As you can see above, choosing the right garage door is completely up to your requirements and we believe points described above will give you a fair idea on choosing the right garage door.

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Garage doors – the types and styles you need to know!

Garage doors – the types and styles you need to know!

A lot of people who pass by your street get to see your garage door more that the exterior of our house. It is therefore important to invest in some good style and type which will also enhance the look of the exterior of our house. There was a time when garage doors were all similar and there were not many choices that one could make when it came to the doors. Recent years have seen a variety of garage doors all different in the make, construction and material and also designs that would just make it impossible for you to choose one among the many bests.

The designs are just too many after you know what style you prefer your garage door in. There are also the eco-friendly ones which are completely made from environmental friendly raw materials. There are three important styles when it comes to garage doors

  • Carriage house garage doors
  • Traditional garage doors
  • Contemporary garage doors

Traditional Garage Doors

If you have a home or building that is inclined more towards the traditional décor and you are one person who loves sticking to traditional designs in everything, then these doors are something you should look out for. These are the doors which have been in the use for around 50 years now. They do not come with detailed design and an enchanting look but look completely elegant and could match up to the class and richness of any house. These are the most sought after ones too as they look simple and also easy to maintain year after year, unlike the modern ones which need extra maintenance.

Traditional Garage Doors

Traditional Garage Door Materials

These traditional garage doors come in both wood finish and steel finish and a combination of both too. The wood garage doors also have choices like stain grade wood which are easy to clean and maintain and have good quality lasting for years. The panels styles could be chose from long, medium and short designs. There are choices in window panel designs as well.

Traditional Garage Door Materials

Contemporary Garage doors

Contemporary designs come in a variety of materials including steel, wood, aluminum, glass. The designs in this style are all trendy and match up to the modern and new-age homes. The designs are all minimalistic and come in clean lines which will be perfect for the homes which border on modern décor. Also the designs are perfect for homes which are quite contemporary as well. The aluminum and steel combination particularly works well for houses which are simple and artistic as well.

Contemporary Garage doors


Contemporary Garage Door Materials

The variety of materials used gives a plethora of choices to the customer and the designs just complement the material used. There is no doubt that these contemporary styled garage doors will elevate the look of the exterior of the house.

Contemporary Garage Door Materials

Carriage house garage doors

These doors are painstakingly constructed to resemble the old age carriage house doors. These doors come with overhead technology which is quite modern. It is a perfect combination of old age beauty with new age technology. These doors could typically slide, fold or even swing depending upon your choice. There are countless designs all offering different types of windows. These types of garage doors come in a variety of materials like faux wood composite, steel and even wood. The doors made of natural wood are quite popular in this variety.

Carriage house garage doors

Carriage House Materials

The materials of which these types of doors are made are all low maintenance. Faux wood has an appealing look and is completely easy to maintain as well. The insulation options vary and could be chosen from as well.


The garage doors you choose should entirely depend on certain condition like

  • Matching with the exterior of your house
  • The material that will best suit the weather conditions
  • How much you will be using your door.
  • Your budget


As you can see from the article above, types and styles of garage door entirely depends on your requirements.


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Why Repairing Garage Door Springs is Considered Risky DIY Projects

Why Repairing Garage Door Springs is Considered Risky DIY Projects

One of the vital parts of the garage doors are springs. These springs carry the garage doors weight and add into the torsion, making the garage doors open and close easily and smoothly when prompted. Since garage door spring is most of the time under pressure, this part is prone breakage. So when the springs of your garage door break, it would be best to call the services of an expert garage technician. Either garage door repair, spring replacement or any suitable service, professional technicians can address your needs.

spring replacement garage door

A reliable and professional company can carry repairs be it garage door openers, springs and more. Individuals are advised that only professionals should be entrusted with the job since repairing garage door springs is considered a risky DIY project.

Avoid Do it Yourself Repairs

DIY garage door spring repair is a dangerous and risky for individuals who lack proper training and experience. Individuals have to note that when major repairs are required, experience is vital for their proper replacements. Doing the garage door spring repair requires you to handle added weight all by yourself so this might be too much for you to handle. Your safety is important and lack of experience in this type of garage door repair might result to injuries. Also, it becomes difficult especially if you want to do balancing to get rid of rebounding.

Some Common Issues You Might Encounter When you Do DIY Garage Door Spring Repair Projects

Garage doors are heavy and complex system installed in the home. These doors are under very extreme tension. When individuals do some lifting when working with broken springs, you will find it hard to deal with since there are bolts in the door. For some garage doors, these comes with installed glasses like single mess and this sends door tumbling. This can also result to injuries to your hands and face.

single glass garage door

Many individuals who attempt to do spring repairs usually face another risky problem. For the garage doors to function properly, the right balancing should be done. Also, not many individuals know about proper balancing so again, it would be best to call an expert and let him do the balancing on garage door springs so that the doors will open and close perfectly well.

balancing on garage door springs

When you perform spring repairs, chances are you might execute a completely different repair which will not really hold the weight. The garage doors actually need to be fitted well with the spring of the same design, size and strength for them to function well. The inexperienced and unqualified homeowners who decide to perform spring repair might fail to do the work as intended. To avoid all these unpleasant scenarios and issues, avoid doing DIY garage door repairs.

DIY garage door repairs

It is true that simple jobs can be done all by yourself but when it comes to tightening loose bolts in the spring and other serious process of installation and repairs, you will need someone with experience. Contact a professional company specializing in garage door repair service and this can surely complete the job with guaranteed efficiency and professionalism.

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Wayne Dalton Garage Door Review

Wayne Dalton Garage Door Review

The Wayne Dalton Company was incepted in 1954 and since there has been no looking back and its growth has been tremendous. Wayne Dalton has become the preferred choice for the latest garage doors. Wayne Dalton is now a leader in the garage door industry.

Wayne Dalton review

Right Things positioned at The Right Place always earns appreciations. Likewise, a right garage door has a great impression on the curb appeal of your home. At Wayne Dalton you get to experience an unparalleled range of designs, colors and materials that you might not find anywhere else.

Wayne Dalton designs

The Wayne Dalton Garage Door collections come with various materials and design technologies and now let us take a quick review of them.

Wayne Dalton Garage Door collections

Wood Garage Door Collection:

Generally, garage doors constructed with high-quality real wood are naturally beautiful. Along with this, Wayne Dalton wood garage doors combine expertise and elegance in a way that nothing else can offer. They also offer the advantage of designing your wood garage door in a way that it gels with your home architecture and enhances the overall look of your house.

Wayne Dalton Wood Garage Door Collection

Under the Wood Garage Door Collections, the following collections are offered:

  1. 7400 series (8 designs available)


  1. 7100 series (5 designs available)


  1. 300 series (1 design with 4 materials available)


  1. 100 series (2 designs available)


  1. 40 series (1 design with 4 materials available)


Fiberglass Garage Doors  – Model 9800

Wayne Dalton’s Model 9800 garage door is built with an aesthetically cast wood-grain fiberglass surface that is covered with sturdy and durable steel. This fiberglass garage door takes you close to the warmth of nature.

Fiberglass Garage Doors - Model 9800

Carriage House Steel Garage Door Collection

Garage doors that are designed like a carriage house are traditionally charming. However, these are steel garage doors that are as mobile as normal garage doors. The USP of this collection is that Wayne Dalton enables you to customize your garage door in a way that perfectly suits your style.. You have three models to select from.

Carriage House Steel Garage Door Collection

  • Model 9700 (14 designs available)
  • Model 9405 (8 designs available)
  • Model 6600 (11 designs available)

Contemporary Aluminum Garage Door Collection 

These contemporary aluminum garage doors collections made of glass and aluminum totally gel with your home’s clean, modern look. They feature large full view glass panels that beautifully blend the indoor and outdoor areas. These Garage Doors makes your house look like a glass house besides being maintenance free. There are two models available – Model 8800 & 8850.

Contemporary Aluminum Garage Door Collection

Classic Steel Garage Door Collection

Classic steel garage doors are the age-old structure that offers traditional raised panel designs. They are known for the durability factor that they possess due to the strong framework. These classic steel garage doors are super-economical and are the best option for homeowners looking for garage doors within budget. You have an option to choose from 4 models.

  1. Model 9100 & 9600
  2. Model 8300 & 8500
  3. Model 8000, 8100 & 8200
  4. Model 8024-8124

Vinyl Garage Doors – Model 8700

Garage door model 8700 is made of vinyl and structured in such a way that it provides a maintenance free and elegant look that lasts for a lifetime. These vinyl garage doors stand free from pollutants and other external factors. It is economical, maintenance free and durable. If you are residing in a coastal region, prone to salt water erosion and need complete resistance from wind and sand, then the vinyl garage door model 8700 is that kind of a choice that will let you live trouble free.

What is the best time to Replace Garage Doors?

There might be situations where you have to repair garage door or even go in for a garage door replacement. It is vital to know when to do such repairs and replacements.
Since it is an outdoor work, the ideal time to replace garage doors is during warm, dry weather. However, if it is not a major work then the weather conditions doesn’t matter much. So when you opt for a garage door repair, choose a professional who would do that perfectly in a short span of time.




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