Is DIY of Sewer Backup Worth The Effort? – No, it’s not!

Is DIY of Sewer Backup Worth The Effort? – No, it’s not!

All of us, as house owners want to have a knowledge of how to fix common problems around our house. With time, we all become experts in handling household projects. But are all DIY projects safe for you and your home? No, it’s not! DIY for sewer backup is certainly a bad idea as it is neither basic not simple. While handling sewer lines, even simple problems become complex when handled by novices.

Where will DIY of sewer backup will go wrong?

There is an exhaustive list to discuss on where we would go wrong. Some of them are

  • Lack of experience.
  • Lack of proper plumbing equipment.
  • An improper fix would lead to greater damage.
  • Safety Hazards are more in DIY sewer backup.
  • Non-compliance of Rules.
  • Miscalculation of Cost.

Lack of Experience

Not everyone will have a proper knowledge or experience as an expert. This particularly holds true in the case of sewer backup repairs. Specific knowledge and experience on how to solve the issue are important in solving even the most minor repairs. As DIYers do not have the insight to minute details, like the soil conditions, they end up creating more damage.

Lack of Proper Plumbing Equipment

Even with proper knowledge, one won’t be able to solve the problem without proper equipment or materials in hand. Also, knowledge is required to choose appropriate equipment for the right kind of repair work at the right point of time. An expert knows how to do it right with the right equipment and at the right time.

sewer plumbing equipment

Greater Damage due to Improper Fix

When there is a lack of experience and lack of equipment, anything can go wrong with the DIY sewer backup project. When things go wrong, even the simplest issue would become a worse problem and could become more expensive. Incorrect fix in the front yard will become a sewer backup problem inside the house. Seeking the help of a professional plumber means that the fix would be done with expertise and insurance will be covered even in a case of accidental damage.

sewer backup problem

Safety Hazards

The most important of all is the safety involved in doing a DIY sewer backup fix. Possibilities of exposure to methane gas, salmonella, e.coli and other dangerous hazards during the repair process are more. If you do not know about a gas line passing through the place of work and accidentally hit it or damage a neighbor’s property unintentionally, it would lead to a lot of other problems. I hope health and safety are more important than a carrying out a DIY project.

Non-compliance of Rules

Sometimes, few codes are enforced and require a permit to carry on with the work. These permits are a difficult process and require you to apply in the sewer jurisdiction. An expert will have the required knowledge to proceed with the project after getting proper permissions.


If you think a DIY project will help you save more, then you are wrong. A skilled worker will know where it has gone wrong and hence, his estimation will be more accurate than yours. Also, doing a project correctly saves on cost rather than doing it wrong and spending more later.

Whatever the reason might be, I would like you to choose a professional insured plumber for handling the job more professionally and more correctly.


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A Comprehensive Overview Of Water Damage Restoration And Mitigation

A Comprehensive Overview Of Water Damage Restoration And Mitigation

While water is beneficial in some specific situations, it can also wreak havoc on your home. A flood or water leak will result in extensive and enormously costly damages. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for reliable water restoration companies, you’ll be glad you’ve come to us. We offer comprehensive water damage restoration and will be able to rectify your problem within a jiffy. Below, you will be provided with insight into the water damage restoration process and the potential risks involved.

What Are The Risks Of Water Damage?

Before attempting to delve into the water damage repair process, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the potential risks associated with water damage. Each specific scenario will be different. Some homeowners will suffer from a leaky roof, others will have a leaky plumbing pipe, and some will be forced to clean up after a flood. The severity of the leak will determine how quickly the water becomes a problem. A flood will be more dramatic and the effects will be much more obvious.

Water Damage

With a leaky roof, the damage will increase over a duration of time. Unfortunately, water damage from pipes and a roof will be hidden and can compound when left untreated. Nonetheless, water can lead to the development of mold and mildew, while also weakening your home’s foundation. At the same time, you should realize that standing water can attract disease and it could potentially cause an electrical shock risk. Our company will be able to help. We’ll shut off your home’s electricity and get the problem fixed, so you and your family can return as soon as possible.

How Much Does Water Damage Remediation Cost?

All homeowners will be eager to learn about the cost of water damage remediation services. This is entirely reasonable and you will ultimately want to shop around until you’re able to find the most generous price possible. Also, it is important to remember that the overall cost of water restoration will vary depending on the specific circumstances at hand. The water restoration company that you select will greatly alter the price. At the same time, you should realize that the severity of the problem and the scope of the water remediation will both play a major role in determining the overall price.

Water Damage Remediation

When working with our water restoration company, you will be provided with the lowest price and the most satisfactory service. While our prices are affordable, you can rest assured knowing our water damage contractors are reliable, well-trained, and trustworthy. Therefore, you will receive an amazing water damage repair service and the cost will be more than generous!

How Long Does Water Restoration Services Take?

It should be noted that the homeowner will normally be required to remain outside of the home, during the course of the water damage remediation. This can be a major headache. Nobody likes staying with a family member or in a motel. Therefore, you will want to know precisely how long it will take for us to complete our water damage service. The truth of the matter is that the timeframe varies from client to client and will depend on the severity and scope of the damage. After you’ve consulted with our water damage contractors, they’ll be able to provide you with a more thorough and accurate estimation.

Water Restoration Services

Nonetheless, you should know that we believe in delivering our water damage services in the quickest and most thorough manner possible. We offer the most rapid and effective water damage restoration services. This ensures the client is able to return to their property quicker than they would with another water damage restoration company.

Can The Water Damage Restoration Service Save My Belongings?

When water seeps into your home, there is a big possibility that your items will get wet. If the problem is not treated immediately, these belongings could be destroyed. This is especially true when it comes to home appliances, electronics, and paperwork. With our water damage restoration service, there is a possibility that we’ll be able to save your items. Our water restoration company utilizes high-tech equipment to dry out the items and restore them to normal. If the items are salvageable, our water damage contractors will do their best to save them for you.

Although it depends on the situation at hand, we may be able to repair electronics, paperwork, precious metals, and other items that have been submerged in water. Remember that utilizing our water restoration services more rapidly will increase the likelihood that these items will be saved.

What Are The Dangers Of Mold?

If the water-damaged materials are allowed to stay in the home untouched for over 48 hours, mold growth will be a possibility. Scientific research shows that mold will begin to grow on building materials and clothing with 24 to 48 hours after the initial exposure. Many times, homeowners are unaware of a leaky roof or plumbing pipe until they discover the damage, which is way after the 48-hour time period, has expired. Mold is a fungus that causes respiratory illnesses and allergic reactions. It is highly recommended to not remove the moldy, water-damaged materials, but instead contact water restoration services.

Same Day Water Damage Service

We provide water damage service to the public and offer same-day in-home estimates. It is important to note that the mold, itself is not dangerous, but the toxins it releases. Long-short-term exposure to mold can cause upper respiratory tract symptoms. Individuals, who have been diagnosed with a respiratory disease, such as asthma or COPD, will be at a higher risk since their health is already compromised.

Our removal team wears protected gear throughout the process. The contaminated area is also sealed off from the rest of the home to keep the exposure level at a minimum for the family. If you have questions about this process, please feel free to contact our office.

What Can Our Water Damage Inspection Do?

Before paying for the water damage remediation, you should make sure your home is indeed suffering from water damage. This is where our inspection service will enter the picture. We can carefully inspect your property to identify problematic areas. If we discover a water leak, we can provide you with a strategy to fix the problem rapidly. If water damage is not found and there is no need to carry out our water damage service, we’ll let you know about it!

Water Damage Inspection

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Top 5 reasons for water damage in your home

Water Damage at your home causes a lot of inconveniences. It leads to the build-up of water in areas where it causes a lot of damages to the property. By knowing the important causes of water damage, you will be able to take necessary precautions before they start to leak or flood. Any damage that is looked up, in the beginning, will help prevent a big damage at a later stage. The sooner you find the problem the sooner you solve it by either working it out yourself or through a water damage restoration service.

The Top 5 Reasons

There are so many reasons for water damage happening at home. But the 5 most common reasons are

  • Pipes or Hoses that leak/burst.
  • Problems with the plumbing system.
  • Damage related to Weather and Natural Disasters.
  • Problems in Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Units.
  • Blocks in Drain.

Pipes or Hoses that Leak or Burst

Pipes and Hoses get damaged either due to blockage or due to gradual rusting process. Sometimes, undue pressure might also be the reason behind the bursting of the pipes. Regular checking of these pipes and replacing them once in every 5 years will save you from the big surprise.

Problems with Plumbing System

Sometimes, Hoses and pipes would not have been fully attached, leading to leakage from the joints. This might lead to leakage inside the walls, which is impossible to detect unless the leakage is seen outside. Periodic checks under the sinks and walls will help to find the problem well in advance.

Problems with Plumbing System

Damage related to Weather and Natural Disasters

During cold months, pipes could freeze and eventually burst. Insulating the plumbing line helps in preventing this problem. Fire sprinklers burst more frequently due to freezing if it is not maintained properly. A proper routine to check the sprinklers ensures that it does not get burst during the winter.

Problems in Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Units

Soggy insulations and Soaked ceilings are sometimes caused by the air conditioning units when the overflow pan is damaged or the condensate line is clogged. This is due to the lack of usage during the winter months and lack of maintenance. Regular Servicing and maintenance are required for such units.

Blocks in Drains

Be it a basement, kitchen or tub, drains are simple outlets that can complicate out the whole day if they start clogging. Constant DIY techniques are needed to keep this problem at bay.

Few Steps to Prevent these water damage occurrences

Weather patterns, lack of maintenance and infrastructure contribute to the frequency of water damage at home. Some steps to limit the amount of damage to your home are

  • In case your area has a lot of sewer blockage problems, install a back-flow valve for all the sewer connections.
  • It is essential to have a sump pump. Even if you have one, test it periodically to see if it is working.
  • Store your items a few inches above the basement floor.
  • Water flow should always be directed away from the foundation and must be clear from waste.


Remember that Prevention is better than cure. Treating a damage at an early stage helps in controlling the damage at the initial level!


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How to Find the Professional Water Damage Restoration Services?

How to Find the Professional Water Damage Restoration Services?

Did you just see a water damage in your property? The first thing that would tempt you is to restore it yourself. But wait. Just step back and see where the problem is and whether it is a minor damage or major one. Clogged water creates problems to your furniture, belongings and even to the whole structure of the house.

Possible Health Problems you will face during a water damage

Is the water damage from a contaminated source? Then, drop the idea of doing it yourself and call a water restoration services. Contaminated water requires some safety for protecting the health of the people doing the restoration. This would be handled well by a professional service.

Do you have Proper Equipment?

Handling a water damage requires the use of proper equipment. Some of the equipment required are vacuums, moisture meters, dehumidifiers, pumping systems, detergents, and disinfectants. I hope an expert can handle it more efficiently as they have access to all the above equipment.

water damage Proper Equipment

Experience Required

We all know that the quicker we remove the water from the floor the better because the damage they do to the property will be more if they stay on the floor for a longer time. Even if the clogged water is removed quickly and the repair is done, we need to make sure that there is no other damage. All this requires some amount of experience.

Finding a Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

Having realized the importance of not doing the damage restoration ourselves, it is important to look for a professional water damage restoration services. A water damage is a serious issue and it should be immediately addressed, isn’t it? Hire a company who have professionals highly trained in the water damage restoration process and do an end-to-end service in such a way that you feel a damage has never happened.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Benefits of hiring a Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

Restoration after a water damage is an exhausting job. In addition to it, if it did as DIY, then it becomes a slow process too. Hiring a professional service for Water Damage Restoration means

  • The restoration is done quickly and efficiently by a team of experts and further damage to your home is prevented.
  • Professional Services have the expertise and proper equipment to remove excess water, disinfect and dry the place to prevent the growth of fungus, mold and mildew.
  • Attention is given to even details like odor removal, deodorization, and sanitation.

Tips for finding the best Water Damage Restoration Services in Town

  • Look for a licensed company.
  • Ask the neighborhood about a company they are satisfied with.
  • Any Water damage restoration company should be able to take your call immediately and take necessary action. The response is the key.
  • Transparency in pricing should be there even before signing any document.
  • The company should have knowledge in handling the insurance claim process.

What They Do?

When a Professional Water Damage Restoration Services is called, make sure they do all these things as part of the restoration process. This way, you can be sure they are doing the right job.

  • Pick up your call during the emergency.
  • Inspect the site for assessing the damage.
  • Complete Water Removal.
  • Dry up the area and dehumidify.
  • Clean and Sanitize the whole area.
  • Restore the damaged area.

Does your house need a Water Damage Restoration Service? Find Water Damage Restoration Company Now!

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Difference Between Water Damage and Flood

Difference Between Water Damage and Flood

Water Damage and flood damage might sound synonymous but there is certainly a difference. By knowing the difference, it would be useful in protecting the property from damage. A Homeowners policy excludes water damage resulting from Flood damage, backed up sewer and water that seeps through the flooring from the foundation. In fact, in many places, separate flood policy is required as the general Homeowners policy do not cover flood damage. So, isn’t it important to know the exact difference?

Water Damage

A structural issue at home is the common cause of water damage. Say, for example, a water damage might be a result of a burst pipe, a damaged water main, a broken toilet or a defective home appliance like a washing machine.

Solutions for Water Damage

Precautions and Solutions for Water Damage

Once the source of the problem or damage is found, it can be rectified with the help of a professional. A professional water damage service will repair all the problems. In addition to it, they will help you with tips to reduce or eradicate such kind of problems in the future. If suitable precautions are followed, we will be able to save our home and the money in our wallet.

Flood Damage

A Natural Cause or a calamity will lead to Flood Damage. Heavy Rains, melted snow that gives rise to water at our home and local flooding are the most common causes of Flood damage. As flood damage arises from a natural calamity, it is not possible to stop it until nature’s rage comes to an end.

Flood Damage

Precautions and Solutions for Flood Damage

There are some preventive measures that can be done to ensure that our home is safe to some extent. Having sandbags, clearing off snow near the house and being alert to the flood warnings in the area are some precautions one could take to prevent higher extent of flood damage.

After the natural calamity is over, it is important to call a professional to do the repair and cleaning job for you. They are the people who are more efficient and knowledgeable in handling the work with ease.

Differentiating Flood Damage and Water Damage

Differentiating both is simple. If your home is the only one that is affected by water issues, then it is clearly a case f water damage. But if the whole neighborhood is experiencing the same, then it is Flood damage. As simple as that.

Flood Coverage and Water Damage

As discussed earlier, there are two different policies. While the Homeowners policy covers only the water damage due to a structural issue, a standard flood insurance policy covers damage caused by natural calamity. Flood means rising or overflowing of water into the normally dry land.

Flood coverage means any water breaking into your home like swimming pool collapses. Note that this kind of a situation is covered only by the Flood Insurance.

Eligibility for Flood Coverage

Just like the Homeowners policy, the flood coverage is available to everyone and is not specific to the place where you reside. Whether you live in a flood-prone area or not, it does not matter. There is nothing like “zoned” area for Flood coverage.


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