Difference Between Water Damage and Flood

Water Damage and flood damage might sound synonymous but there is certainly a difference. By knowing the difference, it would be useful in protecting the property from damage. A Homeowners policy excludes water damage resulting from Flood damage, backed up sewer and water that seeps through the flooring from the foundation. In fact, in many places, separate flood policy is required as the general Homeowners policy do not cover flood damage. So, isn’t it important to know the exact difference?

Water Damage

A structural issue at home is the common cause of water damage. Say, for example, a water damage might be a result of a burst pipe, a damaged water main, a broken toilet or a defective home appliance like a washing machine.

Solutions for Water Damage

Precautions and Solutions for Water Damage

Once the source of the problem or damage is found, it can be rectified with the help of a professional. A professional water damage service will repair all the problems. In addition to it, they will help you with tips to reduce or eradicate such kind of problems in the future. If suitable precautions are followed, we will be able to save our home and the money in our wallet.

Flood Damage

A Natural Cause or a calamity will lead to Flood Damage. Heavy Rains, melted snow that gives rise to water at our home and local flooding are the most common causes of Flood damage. As flood damage arises from a natural calamity, it is not possible to stop it until nature’s rage comes to an end.

Flood Damage

Precautions and Solutions for Flood Damage

There are some preventive measures that can be done to ensure that our home is safe to some extent. Having sandbags, clearing off snow near the house and being alert to the flood warnings in the area are some precautions one could take to prevent higher extent of flood damage.

After the natural calamity is over, it is important to call a professional to do the repair and cleaning job for you. They are the people who are more efficient and knowledgeable in handling the work with ease.

Differentiating Flood Damage and Water Damage

Differentiating both is simple. If your home is the only one that is affected by water issues, then it is clearly a case f water damage. But if the whole neighborhood is experiencing the same, then it is Flood damage. As simple as that.

Flood Coverage and Water Damage

As discussed earlier, there are two different policies. While the Homeowners policy covers only the water damage due to a structural issue, a standard flood insurance policy covers damage caused by natural calamity. Flood means rising or overflowing of water into the normally dry land.

Flood coverage means any water breaking into your home like swimming pool collapses. Note that this kind of a situation is covered only by the Flood Insurance.

Eligibility for Flood Coverage

Just like the Homeowners policy, the flood coverage is available to everyone and is not specific to the place where you reside. Whether you live in a flood-prone area or not, it does not matter. There is nothing like “zoned” area for Flood coverage.


Author: Sheila Jimenez

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