Is DIY of Sewer Backup Worth The Effort? – No, it’s not!

All of us, as house owners want to have a knowledge of how to fix common problems around our house. With time, we all become experts in handling household projects. But are all DIY projects safe for you and your home? No, it’s not! DIY for sewer backup is certainly a bad idea as it is neither basic not simple. While handling sewer lines, even simple problems become complex when handled by novices.

Where will DIY of sewer backup will go wrong?

There is an exhaustive list to discuss on where we would go wrong. Some of them are

  • Lack of experience.
  • Lack of proper plumbing equipment.
  • An improper fix would lead to greater damage.
  • Safety Hazards are more in DIY sewer backup.
  • Non-compliance of Rules.
  • Miscalculation of Cost.

Lack of Experience

Not everyone will have a proper knowledge or experience as an expert. This particularly holds true in the case of sewer backup repairs. Specific knowledge and experience on how to solve the issue are important in solving even the most minor repairs. As DIYers do not have the insight to minute details, like the soil conditions, they end up creating more damage.

Lack of Proper Plumbing Equipment

Even with proper knowledge, one won’t be able to solve the problem without proper equipment or materials in hand. Also, knowledge is required to choose appropriate equipment for the right kind of repair work at the right point of time. An expert knows how to do it right with the right equipment and at the right time.

sewer plumbing equipment

Greater Damage due to Improper Fix

When there is a lack of experience and lack of equipment, anything can go wrong with the DIY sewer backup project. When things go wrong, even the simplest issue would become a worse problem and could become more expensive. Incorrect fix in the front yard will become a sewer backup problem inside the house. Seeking the help of a professional plumber means that the fix would be done with expertise and insurance will be covered even in a case of accidental damage.

sewer backup problem

Safety Hazards

The most important of all is the safety involved in doing a DIY sewer backup fix. Possibilities of exposure to methane gas, salmonella, e.coli and other dangerous hazards during the repair process are more. If you do not know about a gas line passing through the place of work and accidentally hit it or damage a neighbor’s property unintentionally, it would lead to a lot of other problems. I hope health and safety are more important than a carrying out a DIY project.

Non-compliance of Rules

Sometimes, few codes are enforced and require a permit to carry on with the work. These permits are a difficult process and require you to apply in the sewer jurisdiction. An expert will have the required knowledge to proceed with the project after getting proper permissions.


If you think a DIY project will help you save more, then you are wrong. A skilled worker will know where it has gone wrong and hence, his estimation will be more accurate than yours. Also, doing a project correctly saves on cost rather than doing it wrong and spending more later.

Whatever the reason might be, I would like you to choose a professional insured plumber for handling the job more professionally and more correctly.


Author: Sheila Jimenez

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