Signs You Need To Replace Your Garage Door

When you are ready to go to office or school at that time, if your garage door would not open it would create a big problem. You might be late or you might not able to attend a party. All these problems will not be there if your garage door is working properly. It will avoid all unnecessary tension for you. Your garage door will give out some signs that would help you to know the problem earlier and take some remedial measures like repairing the door so that you are not stuck in a tense situation.

Does your door need to be changed?

For some problems, it is not necessary to replace your door. Sometimes only a part of the door or a panel would be a problem. In that case, you can only change the panel or the particular part to solve the problem by professionals like Plano overhead door by Hme Garage Door Repair.

Damaged Garage Door Panel

 if only a panel of the door is dented or broken; it is enough if you just change the panel. If the dent is small, then can only take the dent.

Damaged Garage Door Panel

Garage Door not closing properly

This might be due to some obstruction. Check if any paper or other articles are obstructing the path. If you remove them the problem will be solved. It might also be some problem with cable, rail or the sensors. Check nothing is on the lens of sensor.

if you still cant find the problem call Plano Garage Door they always know how to fix problems like that.

Garage Door not closing properly

The Garage Door making too much noise

It might be due to the parts are not lubricated properly. First lubricate them. If the problem persists, check for any loose parts.

Hard to lift doors

If the garage door is hard to lift or is struck midway when you lift up or pull down, then mostly the spring is damaged and need to be changed by garage door repair plano TX.

These are some common problems, where you need not change the door. It is enough if you could only change the parts. Anyway, it is always better to get professional help like Plano Garage Door & Opener Repair Services to check and identify the problem than doing it on your own.

Some problems in garage doors cannot be repaired. You should only replace them.

  • Damage – if the damage to the door is not a small dent, but worn out due to many storms, or hit by a vehicle and broken, then you should only replace the garage door.
  • Worn out Garage door- if the door is very much worn out, then it is better to replace it by Garage Door Plano. When there are new models and designs with up to date security installations, then it is better to get a new one as a safety measure. Modern doors provide insulation from heat and cold outside.
  • New function in garage Door – if you are changing the garage for any other use, then it is better to change the garage door by garage door Plano tx and go for something fitting the room.
  • Persistent problems – if there are persistent problems even after you had changed the necessary part, and then you should replace the garage door.
  • Broken parts – some broken parts even if replaced might compromise the integrity of the door. Also, if the bottom part of the door is damaged then it is better to replace the whole door.
  • Damaged insulation – if your electric bill is up highly suddenly, then it might be because the garage door is not closing properly and causes the outside temperature to cause changes in the room temperature and overwork for the HV/AC unit. Also some insects and crawlers
  • Shaking doors- if the doors shake very much when you open or close it, then it might be time to replace the door as broken parts inside cause the door to shake.

Traditional Garage Doors

Can it be done on your own?

These tips will help you to decide if you need to repair or replace your garage door. But it is always better to get Plano Garage Door professional help. It is better if they could inspect your door and decide on what should be done. Like if it is better to repair or replace.


Though you can replace the door on your own, it is better to ask someone in the field to do it, as they would know the proper alignment of doors and how to fix them properly.

Author: Sheila Jimenez

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  1. You make a good point in the article about replacing the garage door if there are persistent problems. After all, there’s going to be a point where it costs more to repair the garage door than to replace it in full. However, when replacing the door, you always want to get a professional to install it in order to make sure that it is safely put in.

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