What are the Steps involved in fire damage restoration process

Why do fire restoration services need to be called in?

When your home is ravaged and razed to the ground by the flames, we recommend that you call in a restoration service as early as possible so that the damage so caused is assessed quickly and you and your home can be well back on your way to normalcy.

The collateral damages of a fire:

That your home has been burnt with all the valuables in it is the main damage that you have suffered. But sadly, it does not stop with that. Most of the fires warrant dousing them with waters from powerful jet pumps and extinguishers used by the firemen and that can cause more damage to the property and its furnishing.

Meanwhile, even after the fire has been brought under control, mini sparks and fires can continue to take place inside the premises due to the short circuit in the faulty electrical lines or half burnt electrical and electronic goods inside the house.

When you opt for fire restoration you get a package:

Going for a fire restoration service is highly recommended on the count that you do not have to coordinate between the various federal agencies to restore your property. Most of the restoration service companies offer you a complete package wherein they take the ravaged home from you in as of condition and deliver the completely restored property after coordinating with the insurance and the other structural efficacy assessment agencies. Most of the companies follow a set pattern but you may go through their service brochure in order to zero in on the best one for you.

The case for calling in the restoration people as early as possible:

Some people think that restoration agencies can be called in at leisure. But this lackadaisical attitude can mean going through additional loss after the initial loss due to fire.

Step #1 early entry into the property:

The restoration services if called in early can help in restoring the property as much as possible. For example, if the property is ravaged from the exterior but there are things inside like expensive heirloom or china that can be revived, early restoration can be a boon.

Step #2 assessing the amount of damage:

Assessment of the damage by the company will help them chalk a plan for restoring the property and also to give you a fair idea about the estimated cost of the repairs to the building.

Step #3 tapping the leaks

The restoration company is trained and qualified to identify the areas that need prioritizing and therefore the restoration will happen in the most practical of ways so as to not further damage the property.

Step #4 clearing up

This is the crux of the whole process. Here is a bulleted list of the services offered

  • Removal of water pools;
  • Cleaning of stains of smoke and soot on furniture and walls;
  • Drying up of the wet area;
  • Sanitizing the place so that the odor of smoke does not linger;
  • Removal and disposal of things that are burnt beyond any use.

Step#5 actual restorations through repair and refurbishmentF

Structure strengthening, relaying of carpets, new furniture and upholstery and painting of walls will be the next logical step to bring back the property to looking as good as new.

Step #6 preventing future fires

Preventing future fires is also in the scope of the restoration service and therefore they will counsel the inmates as well as make sure that the restored building is compliant with all the federal rules of fire safety.

Author: Sheila Jimenez

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