Top 5 Benefits Of Attic Insulation

Give importance to attic

Assume that you have constructed your house newly. Constructing a house newly is not an easy job. It needs proper planning. The planning should be such that the house is safe and provides proper comfort throughout the year. The house should neither be affected during the hot summer nor the snowy winter. I understand that you would have concentrated in each and every room of the house. Did you give importance to the attic? Most of the house that is being constructed has an attic but given least importance. It is just to dump all the unwanted things. What is the big deal in it might be your reasoning?

Is attic just to dump things?

That is not true. You might have constructed the house by taking care of many factors, planning your drawing room, bedroom etc. But, don’t have the assumption that it is enough to safeguard your house from the sun and the cold weather. The attic is the main place which has to be protected mainly because this is the top of the building and there is a possibility of the whole building getting affected because of the improper insulation. To understand that attic insulation is necessary, you must understand the benefits of attic insulation. Here are some of the benefits of attic insulation.

Attic Insulation

  1. Attic Insulation, maintains the temperature inside the house

The main Benefit of attic insulation is controlling the temperature. When it is too cool outside, it does not allow the chilliness to enter the house. At the same time, when you try to maintain the room temperature inside the house, it does not allow the warmth to escape the house. Similarly, during summer the reverse happens.

  1. Protect you from ice dam

If you live in a snowy area or during a snowy weather, the heat from the furnace escapes outside the house causing the snow to melt. If it is too snowy the melted water forms ice dam near the edge and gutter blocking the drainage. The result is that the water starts seeps into the attic or into the walls of the house. If the attic is insulated properly, you need not end up in this issue. The warmth cannot escape from the properly insulated attic and the snow cannot melt because of it. So, one can be safe from the ice dam.

  1. Keeps you away from molds

Molds are a mall organism that grows in a moisture and dark environment. Most of the attics are dumped and have less ventilation. In addition to this, when you have a leaky attic, the moisture may result in the mold growth.  When mold find its way into the house, it spreads easily and will start producing a stinky smell. Better to insulate properly rather than living in the mold affected place.

  1. Vast difference in your utility bill

Without knowing that the attic is not properly insulated, you might use the air conditioner and furnace excessively. Result is the increase in utility bill. Insulate the attic properly and you could see a vast difference in the bill yourself.

  1. Help the environment

Attic insulation not only helps you personally but also helps the environment. Wonder how? Insulating your house properly will decrease the use of electrical energy thereby helping others to use the energy and reduce the need for producing more energy.

attic insulation Helps the environment

Understood what are the benefits of attic insulation? Don’t you want your attic to be insulated? Why wait till the next summer or winter? Go for it now.

Author: Sheila Jimenez

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