Top 5 reasons for water damage in your home

Water Damage at your home causes a lot of inconveniences. It leads to the build-up of water in areas where it causes a lot of damages to the property. By knowing the important causes of water damage, you will be able to take necessary precautions before they start to leak or flood. Any damage that is looked up, in the beginning, will help prevent a big damage at a later stage. The sooner you find the problem the sooner you solve it by either working it out yourself or through a water damage restoration service.

The Top 5 Reasons

There are so many reasons for water damage happening at home. But the 5 most common reasons are

  • Pipes or Hoses that leak/burst.
  • Problems with the plumbing system.
  • Damage related to Weather and Natural Disasters.
  • Problems in Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Units.
  • Blocks in Drain.

Pipes or Hoses that Leak or Burst

Pipes and Hoses get damaged either due to blockage or due to gradual rusting process. Sometimes, undue pressure might also be the reason behind the bursting of the pipes. Regular checking of these pipes and replacing them once in every 5 years will save you from the big surprise.

Problems with Plumbing System

Sometimes, Hoses and pipes would not have been fully attached, leading to leakage from the joints. This might lead to leakage inside the walls, which is impossible to detect unless the leakage is seen outside. Periodic checks under the sinks and walls will help to find the problem well in advance.

Problems with Plumbing System

Damage related to Weather and Natural Disasters

During cold months, pipes could freeze and eventually burst. Insulating the plumbing line helps in preventing this problem. Fire sprinklers burst more frequently due to freezing if it is not maintained properly. A proper routine to check the sprinklers ensures that it does not get burst during the winter.

Problems in Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Units

Soggy insulations and Soaked ceilings are sometimes caused by the air conditioning units when the overflow pan is damaged or the condensate line is clogged. This is due to the lack of usage during the winter months and lack of maintenance. Regular Servicing and maintenance are required for such units.

Blocks in Drains

Be it a basement, kitchen or tub, drains are simple outlets that can complicate out the whole day if they start clogging. Constant DIY techniques are needed to keep this problem at bay.

Few Steps to Prevent these water damage occurrences

Weather patterns, lack of maintenance and infrastructure contribute to the frequency of water damage at home. Some steps to limit the amount of damage to your home are

  • In case your area has a lot of sewer blockage problems, install a back-flow valve for all the sewer connections.
  • It is essential to have a sump pump. Even if you have one, test it periodically to see if it is working.
  • Store your items a few inches above the basement floor.
  • Water flow should always be directed away from the foundation and must be clear from waste.


Remember that Prevention is better than cure. Treating a damage at an early stage helps in controlling the damage at the initial level!


Author: Sheila Jimenez

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