Top 5 tips to maintain a clean carpet

Keeping your carpet soft, fluffy and stain free is everyone’s dream. Normally, people use dark colored carpets to ensure that the stains are not pronounced. It becomes difficult to keep it dust, pollutant free especially with repeated use. There are many ways by which you can keep the carpet clean.

Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming regularly is the key to keeping the carpet clean and tidy over the long haul. It is recommended that you vacuum the carpet twice a week.

Vacuum carpet

Hire a professional to clean once in a while

With repeated use, carpets may become stained and may lose sheen. Professional cleaners help restore the original texture of carpets. Hence, if your footfalls are lower and the stains are practically nil, you could use a professional cleaner once in two years.

Choose the cleaning products carefully

There is host of products available in home improvement stores. You need to choose one based on the foot falls and the kind of dirt your carpet is exposed to. Make sure that the chemicals are not too pungent and are kept away from children and pets. It may make sense to invest in a high-quality chemical which will be easy on your carpet, yet effective.

cleaning products

Clean up stains immediately

One of the key things about maintaining carpets is to ensure that you clean up the area of damage immediately. Use detergent or chemical solution to disinfect the place especially if it is poop, urine or food spill. These could be potentially hazardous to health. Bacteria and germs could build if unattended for a long time. Also, tending to them immediately ensures that the dirt or smell comes off quickly. You do not have to use too much effort in terms of scrubbing multiple times.

Use anti-stain products effectively

There is a host of tips available on the internet which suggests various solutions remove stains. For example, stench arising out of pet’s poop and urine can be effectively countered with a vinegar solution. For food spills, you could use soap or detergent solution. For other spills such as ink, color, talcum powder etc., you could use anti-septic solution. Research on the internet and bring some of these handy tips into practice.

Clean up stains

How does it help to keep the carpet clean?

Cleaning your carpet will enable you to give a proper look to the house. It could give the house a clean and tidy look. Apart from this, it could reduce the smell emitting due to grime/dirt settled on the carpet. Keeping the carpet clean will also ensure that there are lesser diseases and illnesses arising as a result of the dust and pollutants on the carpet. These could be a major source of various airborne diseases/illnesses.


Cleaning your carpet requires a little more than mere knowledge of carpet cleaning. It requires necessary machines and chemicals. Using handy tips for cleaning off stains could enhance the life of the carpet. There is a need to clean the carpet effectively to ensure that the carpet remains tidy and infection free. This could potentially reduce the diseases and illnesses arising out of pollutants and germs settled on the carpet

Author: Sheila Jimenez

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