Types of Garage Doors

Garage doors are one of the important factors which have a huge impact on the appearance of your home. The value of your home is also held based on how good your home appears. It is hence vital to choose carefully based on your usage and budget. If you have been strictly following the property blogs and property magazines, you would definitely be aware of the fact that your garage doors are one of the prominent factors on how much value your home has in real estate business. With garage doors taking up to 20 % of your frontal landscape, it is important to choose the best garage door that will serve the purpose.

garage door types

The types of garage door you choose should largely depend on your requirement. The four basic types of garage doors that are popularly being used are:

  • Swing up
  • Roll up
  • Swing out
  • Slide sideways

types of garage door

Up and over type garage doors

These types of garage doors are the most preferred and have been on use since about 0 long years now. These are also called canopy up and over doors since they look like a canopy when they are over. These doors are perfect for doors which are not above 8 feet. The door is typically lifted with steel cables and it could get really difficult if the doors are above 8 feet. These doors could be installed easily and quickly and could be operated with a remote.

Up and over type garage doors

Roll up shutter doors

This is a classic type of garage door which are used by warehouses and huge residences. It is completely motorized and open advantage is it does not swing out. It is one of the most ideal solutions of garage doors. It comes in many finishes but the fast moving ones are in steel with wood grained to give the classic look.

Roll up shutter garage doors

Garage Door Side Hinged

Side hinged doors are the most commonly used across various countries just because if the simplicity and easy to maintenance. These doors hinge inwards or outwards on a frame. It is better to have an outward hinge rather than the inwards ones. These doors could be used up to 10 feet. These doors are extremely comfortable. It is convenient to open one side of the door alone to allow your pet out or even get the bike inside. It works perfect alright with a remote control. The design of the door also allows us to customize giving more than two leaves in the gate. It could be used for allowing access to pedestrians as well.

Garage Door Side Hinged


Slide sideways doors

These doors are the convenient ones which completely slide to open and close. They do not take much of space unlike the hinged doors which take up some space while opening and closing. These are compact doors. These doors could be customized to suit the space in the entrance of your house. These doors are typically available in steel, wood and aluminum as well.

Slide sideways doors

How to choose

The type of door you choose largely depends on the space you have for the door and the utility. For instance, a hinged door will be perfect for garages which do not have heavy vehicles or a car. A slide sideways door will be perfect for the garages with heavy vehicles which keep passing by the door often. The size of the door is a major deciding factor on choosing the type of the door. It is required to do a bit of analysis and seek some professional help to get a better idea on which type of garage door will suit your home. The main factors which tend to decide are –

  • The budget
  • The material you are looking for like wood, steel or glass
  • The size of the door
  • The style you are looking for – traditional, carriage style or contemporary
  • The weather conditions in your city
  • How much of maintenance you will be able to afford



As you can see above, choosing the right garage door is completely up to your requirements and we believe points described above will give you a fair idea on choosing the right garage door.

Author: Sheila Jimenez

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