Wondering If It Is Time To Replace Your Overhead Garage Door?

A beautiful house requires adequate maintenance to preserve its beauty and integrity. But more often than not, we tend to overlook one of the first things people notice when they enter your home, the garage door!

aluminum glass garage door

The garage door is subjected to constant wear and tear as it is constantly being opened or closed. Therefore you must consider enlisting the services of a professional who will help you to determine if the present overhead garage door needs to be repaired or replaced.

Top reasons to replace your overhead garage door

Below is a list of commonly encountered problems that will indicate that it is time for overhead garage door repair or replacement.

Broken springs

Another reason your overhead garage door does not work is broken torsion springs. There are 2 heavy duty torsion springs that accompany any garage door.

If any of the spring is broken you must seek the services of overhead garage door repair personnel to get it fixed.

Broken garage door springs

Nonaligned garage door track

This is a serious issue that has to be tackled on priority as it is a safety hazard. The garage door track should be aligned correctly in order for the door to move up or down.

If you notice gaps between the rails and rollers, seek professional advice to determine if it is time for overhead door replacement.

Nonaligned garage door track

Garage door limits

If the garage door goes back up after closing down, then it indicates that the garage door limits has not been set properly. This will prevent the door from shutting down.

If the technician is not able to fix it even after adjusting the settings, then you will have to consider replacing your overhead garage door.

Garage door limits

Photo-eye is not working

Garage doors are usually equipped with photo eyes on either side of the garage entrance which send invisible beam between each other.

This helps it to detect if there is any object in its path when it closes. Over time dust gets accumulated in it and the light signal gets blocked.

Garage door Photo eye is not working

Dead batteries

If the transmitter batteries are dead, then the transmitter will be unable to send signals to the garage door to open or close.

Benefits of replacing your overhead garage door

If you are still in two minds about replacing your overhead garage doors, the points listed below will convince you that it is time for change.


Though your existing garage door is still operational, have you considered how safe it is? Replacing the overhead garage door with a newer model can minimize the risk of injury and secure your home against possible thefts.

secure your home against possible thefts

Save on energy bills

You can increase your savings by replacing your old garage door with an insulated door. This is because, old models of garage doors drive out heat or air conditioning, making you pay excess energy bills.

You can choose the one which suits you best from a wide variety of garage door with various levels of insulation.

energy bills


If your old garage door is worn out, it can dampen the overall look of your house. By installing a new overhead garage door, you can instantly get a makeover for your home.

The latest models of garage doors come in a variety of designs, colors and styles. This will help you create an appealing and modern looking entry way.

latest models garage doors

No keys

Old garage doors are not equipped with keypads. By installing new garage doors that has the keypad feature, you can bid goodbye to keys.

You simply need to input a code to open the door. The latest models use fingerprint detection so that you do not have to remember the code.

garage door app

Minimal noise

If you do not want to disturb your neighbors every time you open or close your garage, then you must consider installing new garage doors.

A screw drive or belt drive garage door opener will be much quieter than the old school chain drive models.

belt drive garage door opener


Having armed yourself with the required information, do consider replacing your old overhead garage doors with latest models.






Author: Sheila Jimenez

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