Why should you clean your air ducts?

Is it important to know about air ducts?

The answer is yes. You should know all about air ducts and the implications that it can have in your house and on your health if you do not clean and maintain it well. Knowledge about air ducts is vital to the quality of the air in your house. Air ducts are directly related to air pollution.

How are air ducts related to your health?

Air ducts can be directly related to your health. While there have been no statistics or studies that show that cleaning the duct can prevent health issues, it is also a fact that when the air ducts are dirty, it can be one of the sources of the dirty particles

air ducts related to your health

Where can the dirty particles come from?

From personal experience, I have seen dirty and dusty particles enter the house from various outdoor and indoor activities such as cooking, smoking, cleaning etc. The chances of contamination exist with these activities.

Why should you clean your air ducts?

While studies do not relate health with air ducts, it does not mean you can relax on the cleaning. There is a heavy dose of mold that grows on the hard surface of the air duct. The different components of the cooling and the heating system do not repel the growth of clutter and mold. Since these components are not accessible easily and visible by the naked eye, chances are you will not notice the increase in the air pollution until it is too late.

It is prudent to clean the air duct regularly to avoid such instances.

What about insulated air ducts?

Insulated air ducts should be kept an eye on. If the air duct is insulated, it is likely to get wet. This increases the chance of growth of mold and clutter. In such a scenario, it cannot be effectively cleaned. The best way to get rid of the mold is to remove and replace it.

insulated air ducts

What are the conditions that induce the growth of mold and clutters?

Mold and clutters love a nice warm place. They do not like the cold. They avoid bright sunlight. Mold grows best in secluded and dark places.

How do you recognize a clutter or a mold?

Anything that looks like a mold need not be one. Experts and lab reports will confirm if it is a mold. Ducts will be infected with vermin – insects and rodents. These are some of the most obvious places where clutter and mold are likely to grow and flourish in.

recognize a clutter or a mold

How to clear the air from mold and clutter?

Cleaning the air duct is one of the best ways to get rid of the mold. Another way is to open the windows. Letting the sunlight in will clear the air in many ways.

Importance of cleaning the air duct

Clutter can make u sick, tired and stressed out.

You are more likely to fall sick inside the house than out.

Clutter is a safety hazard. Tripping and slipping over it can injure your body in many ways.

Clutter can cause a fire to become worse.





Author: Sheila Jimenez

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